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How a hot stone massage can benefit your health?

How a hot stone massage can benefit your health?

Although the body was created to heal itself, society, culture, and the environment have made it difficult to maintain a healthy body. Think about the last time you had a headache that never seemed to go away. This can be due to stress at work or financial problems. Whatever the cause of the discomfort, a hot stone massage has many benefits to relax your body and improve your health. Massage Center near Mall


Hot stone massage explained


Simply put, a hot stone massage is a deep tissue muscle massage that is performed with hot stones called basalt stones which are heated to a high temperature in water and then cooled slightly to be applied to the skin during the massage.


The many benefits of massage therapy The emotional and physical benefits of massage are numerous and hot stones intensify their effects: Massage Center near Mall


Natural Pain Relief:


A hot stone massage is a safe, non-invasive way to treat common health problems like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. A 2007 report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that massage may reduce the incidence and frequency associated with headaches, muscle pain, and joint pain due to a number of conditions.


Deep tissue and muscle relaxation:


The kneading pressure facilitated by the hot stones releases the stiff muscles that have been under tension.


Toxins are released and waste is eliminated from the body.


After a good massage, you should go to the bathroom. This is because the pressure on your muscles flushes out toxins. The hot stones intensify the effects and make the massage more productive.


Improvement of the central nervous and lymphatic system:


Responsible for fighting diseases, infections, and germs, the lymphatic system improves as body wastes resulting from hot stone massage are removed. This central nervous system deals better with bodily functions when the body is relaxed. The end result is increased blood flow and better circulation in the body.

Massage Center near Mall

More flexibility:


Your muscles relax and relax thanks to the hot stone treatment. As a result, its range of motion is widened.


Increased energy levels:


Muscle tension is released by the acupressure felt during the massage. This stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body.

Warning: People prone to blood clots, contagious rashes, or open wounds should not be massaged. Also, if you have recently had surgery or chemotherapy treatment, you should not get a massage. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before receiving a massage if you are suffering from a serious illness.

Some Like It Hot: How Hot Stone Massage Can Benefit You

A hot stone massage may be suitable for you if you’re seeking a massage to warm your bones during the cold winter months. The hot stone massage is the use of hot, soft stones during a relaxation massage. The use of hot stones in massage dates back over 3000 years in India and China. More recently, a renowned Arizona massage therapist brought this ancient art of massage to therapy practices and spas around the world. If you’re interested in hot stone massage, find out what to expect, the benefits and contraindications, and how to get the most out of your hot stone massage.


So, what are the benefits of a hot stone massage? The masseuse will heat the stones in preparation for your session. The stones used in massage are basalt or river stones, which have a soft texture and retain heat well. The stones are immersed in water and heated in an electric pot.

Hot stones are incorporated into massages

Meanwhile, other hot stones are incorporated into massages on other parts of your body. During a hot stone massage, massage oil is utilized. This allows for a maximum glide with the stones while allowing the therapist to quickly manipulate the stones on your back, arms, or legs during the massage. Your therapist will check the temperature of the stone on your skin before using the stone. Massage Center near Mall


Always contact your therapist if the stone is too hot on your skin. Your skin may turn pink after removing the stone, showing. The heated stone warms and relaxes the muscles with light pressure during the massage. Hot stones are also used to relieve tension in the neck, upper back, and feet.

Then the treatment sequence will be repeated on the opposite side of your body. The massage usually lasts 90 minutes. Also, expect the therapist to pull away from you as the stones rotate from the warming device towards you, then back into the slow cooker. The therapist will also go the extra mile to minimize the noise caused by the stones during your massage. Massage Center near Mall

The use of hot stones as a treatment can be effective

The use of hot stones as a treatment can be an effective approach for a number of reasons. This modality allows deep relaxation of the soft tissues without significant pressure applied by the therapist. All other benefits of massage apply, such as improved circulation which helps remove metabolic waste from soft tissue.

Hot stone massages are also beneficial in relieving pain, relieving stress, and improving flexibility. As with any massage, your therapist should conduct a comprehensive health information interview prior to a massage.  They include high blood pressure, open sores or skin lesions, and any diagnosis in which decreased sensation occurs, such as diabetes. Pregnancy is also another contraindicated condition for hot stone massage. Oil Massage in Al Barsha


Preparing for a hot stone massage is similar to preparing for any other massage. The tips include:

Eat a light meal and avoid alcoholic drinks before your massage.

Take your time, allow enough time before and after to fully enjoy your hot stone.

o After the massage, slowly sit down on the edge of the table, as there is a greater possibility of dizziness after the massage. For your safety, your therapist may offer to assist you to sit up before leaving the room.

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