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Homescapes Apk For Android & iOS Free Mod Version

Homescapes APK Overview

But here the matter of fact is that some people do like to take part in fighting arenas. But have the psyche of playing hidden objects finding games. So here comes one of the best minds attractive, mind boosting game. I.e., Homescapes which is going to take you on a ride of nostalgic gameplay. Of homesick child restoring the house, finding objects and others.

Homescapes Apk video game that is free to play. No charges are better required to being better paid to avail the fun of this game. Homescape games provide its services on macOS, Android, iOS, and Amazon Appstore. Homescapes are only free. Yet, few game products present in gameplay could be better bought through money. But it relies on your own choice by only turning off that option in your gadget’s restriction menu. A Gardenscapes offshoot- Homescapes has much more on a relative level. Or likely the gameplay theory. They are adding up tradition-related match-three mechanics with the fantastic story concept. Both the games have many comparisons, including the same torchbearer, that is. Austin is playing the role of a Butler, which is a manservant.

About Homescapes Apk Game

On a basic level, the story play covers up with the protagonist Austin revolving around him. Who does not want to leave his ancestral home? As he is quite homesick and insists on his parents, Olivia and William. When they try to convince him, they tend to sell the mansion that is Austin’s ancestral home. Because of its wrecked condition for which they are unable to do anything. As the renovation takes much cost and time for which his weak old parents cannot give all that requires. Later on, hearing this, the lead character, Austin, succeeds in convincing his parents. To not sell the mansion in the best way and steps forward to restore his lovely home.

Along with the help of a player who would go with him in restoring the mansion’s wrecked state. Moreover, as the story pursues, the player plus Austin know further about Austin’s childhood. And much about the youth era of William and Olivia, i.e., their early life stories. That is better indeed, a complete makeover of the mansion. Excellence in your designing skills about home decor. Furniture style, home furnishing, and decoration of Kitchen, orangery, hall, including garage too. Plus, other areas of the home too. You are leading to your dream house creation, at last with the splendid exposure of your skills. To a new change in designs and other creative aspects will give you total freedom.

To make yourself at your dream home. Homescapes is match-3 puzzle gameplay where the gameplay’s central part is about the intersection. Or swap action between two correspondent elements. You are making a row or column of the smallest three elements. Adding up to the gameplay method, the player can get helpful features, aside from if you are into the gameplay of hidden objects or restoring games. So here for you are assisting helping power upgraders. The power upgraders are being better activated by double smashing them and oriented the section with another type.

 The exceptional features of this gameplay include:

  •  The exceptional gameplay requires the intersection between the parts that need to be better renovated by Austin. And you are exploring your decor skills to at last give a complete makeover to the ancestral mansion.
  • Your choice about the furnishing of the house with good graphics quality. This video game is going to take you around the corner of home designing. And puzzle matching so that your dream house would, at last, is being created.
  • Spectating enthusiastic match-3 levels with inclusions of loads of fun. Exploration of exceptional game upgraders, boosters, and fun blasting amalgamation.
  • Explore the hidden secrets what the massive ancestral mansion. He wants to share and take help from the revealing.
  • Extraordinary Fun-loving characters. They play notable roles, living their lives which can be better demonstrated live. And their association with one and another in the gameplay communicative channel.
  • A fun aspect for the fun-loving and pet-loving players is a cheeky and fuzzy cat. Which very playful and will go with you in your gameplay.
  • Social interaction can also occur as you can encourage your Facebook friends to join in the game. In assisting you in creating your comfortable environment in the house. So that the interaction emanates, and the gameplay is being better made more convenient for you.
  • You are winning eventful match 3-levels to refurbish and renovate areas in the ancestral mansion and unbarring even more exceptional levels in the enthusiastic family story aside from your gameplay. Explore and, at last live in your dream house.

 Game’s stardom:

Homescapes Apk was the founder of the game Gardenscapes too and led its release too. After the development and release of the gameplay. Homescapes had seven million downloaded numbers. After the end of the first month, they were dated October 19. The total download number reached 28 million. Homescapes became the most downloaded game at number 4 on iOS gadgets in the named month of October. Around the whole world and the most downloaded game on Android at number 8. So, on a basic level, this game has made its role quite obvious in attaining its fans’ attention.


 Homescapes Apk aside, many other games were developed by Playrix. Had come under massive criticism on the social networks that are on the whole internet. For demonstrating false commercials portraying not the true gameplay. And not the game’s features too. Many Reddit assemblies play their role in this aspect. For example, several advertisements for Homescapes portraying fighting gameplay. Which is wholly different from the actual gameplay. At the time of ending 2019, a petition named was completely establishing. To prevent not the true cell phone gameplay commercial. Which included Homescapes as a true and first instance.

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