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Travel and Leisure

Himachal Pradesh’s Top Treks are:


Here is the list of top treks in Himachal Pradesh, check this list before the visit in Himachal for an adventure trip and explore new destinations.

  1. Kalihani Pass Top Trek


Kahani Pass is one of India’s least visited places at an altitude of 15,584 ft. The Kalihani Pass top Trek enables the visitor to visit the secret pastures and the Hanuman, Indrasen, and Deo Tibba peaks. Excellent views. The Kalihani Pass Trekking time is preferable between May and September. Have an opportunity to explore Manali’s picturesque scenery, the mixing of wild, alpine colors and the charm of remote and cached villages. Birds, mountains, noisy streams and the bright blue sky are in perfect harmony.

To start on the Kalihani Pass trek you must reach Delhi. You’re going to Manali with a drive. Trek to Lama Dugh from about 9896 ft. and a 4 hr journey through the forest on the second day are included in the Kalihani Pass Trekking path. A three-hour journey leads you to an altitude of 11,152 ft on Day 3 to Riyalí Thach. Drives you from Riyali Thach to the Kalihani Pass Base for a 6-hour journey at an altitude of 13,153 ft. across some roaring streams. You can see the fascinating views over the mountains of Deo Tibba and Indrasen. The next day’s journey is an 8-hour top treks to 15,584 ft. above the Kalihani Pass.


  1. Hampta Circle TopTrek


A top treks suitable for beginners and experienced walkers, even covering a region not much explored by the more famous peak of the Passo di Hampta?? Yeah, you heard it correctly, Hampta Circle Trek has just come out of your dream country. If you love to look around the green and want to escape from the city for some time, trekking around Hampta is an ideal option. The highest point of Hampta Circle is 12100 ft in Manali. Your route is surrounded by lush wilderness, apple groves, cedar and maple trees.

Imagine walking a path that is paved with grass and that you can only see the beauty of lush, thick trees and blue skies. You will get to know the people when you pass by Barbara village of Manali and who knows you will learn something that will stay with you forever. When you come to the top, you will find the ranges of Pir Pranjal and other slopes, a view that is lovely enough to make you dive into it. The route begins from Jagatsukh, as stated on the Hampta Circle Trek route. This trip will take just 4-5 to complete, which makes it a bit compatible with your working life if not entirely.


  1. Pin Bhaba Pass Trek


What makes it so interesting to ask Pin Bhaba top treks? Apparently lots and tons of things. Almost every day when you are on this walk you will see a change in landscape. Also, you can see a number of flowering flowers, as if all of this were not enough. The crossing of Pin Bhaba is a lifetime adventure.

And when you go to the top you are greeted by the snow-capped mountains and you see a nearly pink valley when you look down. You don’t find such a panoramic view every day. Due to its high height acclimation, it is important for those without experience to make this trip difficult. Pin Bhaba Trek India will need strength and exercise to measure your fitness levels certainly. So, best prepared in advance for this.


  1. Beas Kund Trek

Beas-Vyas is the name of this site. The Beas Kund top Treks is popular for its journey through thick, wild coniferous forests. You’ll walk to the pristine Dhundi from the Solang Valley. The path passes through the Walnut, Oak and Fir woods. Your daily accompaniment is the snow-covered mountains. It’s also a treat to look and walk on the wooden bridge. You have to walk around 1798 feet to reach Lady Leg from Mohali. The three hours of the climb take you to a height called Lady Leg at a height of 12542 ft.

5. Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek will let you, the explorer, experience everything, beginning from traveling across timberlands of pine and forests of rhododendrons, to setting up camp in the high-height Grahan Village. The trip permits the takers to observe the Himalayas shrouded in lavish greens and flawless white in Kasol, a little town roosted at the stature of 1580m in Parvati Valley, situated in the Kullu. The Sar Pass journey is acquiring notoriety as a top pick among those looking for experience in Kasol or Kullu.

The Sar Pass Trek trouble level has simple to direct, with a normal traveling distance of 7-9 km each day, and the normal time spent journeying goes as long as 7 hours. The temperature during the journey shifts from 0 degrees to – 20 degrees, contingent incredibly upon whether it is night or day. Indeed, even little factors like whether you are under the shade or in direct daylight can essentially affect your internal heat level for the energizing Sar Pass Trek. Make a point to adhere to your traveling master’s directions and take advantage of this mind blowing venture.

Traveling excursion to Sar Pass will begin from the Kasol headquarters.  It is a regular path utilized by local people. It will take 4-5 hrs to arrive at Grahan Village. Till evening we will reach there. Appreciate the life changing experience of setting up camp under the stars!

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