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The game of chess is often considered to be one of the most intellectually challenging activities ever devised. It encourages a passion for learning that will last a lifetime; helps develop the mind in various ways, and can be a path to professional success and personal joy. Many children who take up the game of chess have the potential to achieve astounding heights and profit in a variety of ways trained by chess coach if they are provided with sufficient support and instruction.

The High-Performance Chess Academy, founded by Alberto Chueca, is an establishment with many years of experience preparing chess champions. They have chess trainer with a tried-and-true system that allows them to maximize the potential of each child they work with.

Core of teaching 

Academy for High-Level Chess Performance, The core of Alberto Chueca’s teachings, is a tried-and-true system that has been shown to keep students interested and to produce observable changes in their abilities to think logically and make plans for the future, as well as in the variety of methods and tactics they employ to win their games.

The strategy generates results rapidly and in a way that is not dependent on external factors; as a result, it ensures that pupils will be able to progress further along the path to chess mastery. That is made abundantly obvious by the successes a significant number of their students attained. In just over a year, Pranav Sathish was able to raise his overall rating, which resulted in an increase of 700 points for his totals. Omya Vidyarthi has won the World Champion and Pan-American Championships three times. Vyom Vidyarthi has achieved the status of an International Master.

Students are grouped according to their age and skill level in several different workshops and master-classes that are held in smaller groups. In addition, each student is given a set of homework responsibilities and access to one monthly virtual competition. The various alternatives available at the academy depend on the student’s level.

About Classes 

The Advanced Team offers classes on advanced subjects in smaller groups, longer lessons, and the opportunity to compete against other students of comparable ages, abilities, and skill sets.

Students at the highest level participate in the PRO Training group, where they receive individualized instruction to develop their abilities further and address any areas in which they may be deficient. This group has a rating requirement above 1800, and members receive multiple benefits, including three monthly one-on-one lessons with international masters, master-classes, a chess trainer, and more.

The players have access to The Rebel Alliance, a section of the academy that includes recordings of previous classes and master classes, and a play area where they can continually hone their skills and improve their work while competing against other players. This access is granted to the players after each level.

This school places a strong emphasis on achievement and does not offer courses that are overly drawn out or that cause student to lose interest. Instead, the program focuses on assisting youngsters in becoming better versions of them so they can eventually achieve high ranks. In addition to advancing in chess, the educational institution is working toward providing a better-rounded support system for all its pupils.

If you are serious about playing chess, having a chess coach who can direct you and help you improve your game is always a terrific idea. A chess coach can lead you and help you improve your game.

Training at the Alberto Chueca academy based on the information and examination

It was shown in a study directed by Dr. Albert Frank in Zaire and included 92 students aged 16 to 18 years that a group of children who played chess made significant progress mathematically, spatially, and spatially (based on information analysis) revealed. Ninety-two understudies carried out the research. Compare the chief orientation capabilities with a reference group (not playing chess). The group that played chess also had a higher verbal capacity level than the control group. This advancement was valid regardless of the general degree of chess expertise present.

A study carried out in Hong Kong and supervised by Dr. Yi Wang Fung of Chinese University discovered that children and teenagers who played chess improved their performance on standardized tests in mathematics and science by fifteen per cent.

There is access to the most cutting-edge research and studies.

In light of the above studies and overviews, one may argue that children can participate in chess. That is a debatable point of view, but it is worth considering. In a study that was carried out in Belgium and conducted by Dr. Adrian de Groot with students in the fifth grade who played chess in a control group, the findings demonstrated that the chess-playing bunch made significant mental improvements in comparison to the control group. At the Alberto Chueca High-Performance Chess Academy, you will not only have access to some of the top chess instructors in the world, but they will be right here in front of you.

Develop your common sense and scientific reasoning, improve your understanding performance, improve your numerical critical thinking, improve your understanding, improve your thinking advancement, and improve your mental self-view.

Researchers have endeavoured to understand better the factors that play a role in the maturation above and progression in children. You can find various chess books, games, and sets by clicking on the links below. Additionally, you can study the principles of the game, and advanced strategies, watch videos, and more.

Chess regulations at the Alberto Chueca chess academy

The New Jersey State Department of Education study indicated that chess consistently supported students’ sense of self-worth after one year. As a result of the findings, several students’ mental self-perceptions improved completely. A study by Alberto Chueca demonstrated that students understudies’ comprehension improved by playing chess. Some 5th graders were divided into three groups, and a chess study in New Brunswick, Canada, was conducted to see if they used chess to help students with their numeracy education. It appeared that the amount was increasing.

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