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Web Development

Here’s The Secret To Developing Goal-Oriented Websites

Once upon a time, businesses worldwide used Conventional Web Design on their website. The internet was in its early stages, and the eCommerce boom hadn’t happened yet. It was a simpler time. The thing about simpler times, though, is that they don’t last. So while you might be content with how your site looks, the world might have passed you by.

Web developers design is an ever-growing field. It is getting more and more complex by the day. Innovation in this industry is as common as the sky being blue. That’s why it is tough for many entrepreneurs to keep up with the changes. However, as far as your website is concerned, it’s about time you reinvent its design.

What Do We Mean By Conventional Web Design

Conventional web design is a relic of a bygone era. Back in the day, websites were like any other asset to a company. They were set up and rarely innovated upon. Their strategic functions were set up by the corporate suits, and incremental change was not a priority.

These websites are often characterised by their static layouts. These websites were not dynamic as the ones we are used to seeing. The content was showcased in static blocks, and customers did not have much to catch their eye.

Because they adhere to conventions, these websites are often incompatible with newer features. These compatibility issues can be difficult to resolve and limit your website’s potential. These sites were once common, but there’s a reason traditional websites are on their way out.

Why It Is Obsolete Now

Conventional web design philosophy simply cannot keep up with the changing demands. Businesses want to change, and customers want dynamism. To satisfy both the businesses and the customers, such designs simply won’t do. Here are a few reasons why such designs are obsolete now.

Customers Want Dynamic Sites

This is one of the most common reasons customers prefer dynamic designs. Innovative layouts allow for more movement on the website, which can be pleasing to the eye. It can also make the site more intuitive and easier to navigate. This ultimately helps build an experience that is unlike any other.

On the other hand, traditional layouts were mostly made up of static objects. Websites created in this way tend to be blocker and more unintuitive. They don’t flow as easily and leave a bad impression.

A dynamic web developers design is suited to the ever-changing demands of customers and businesses these days. They represent the commitment to innovation which is often cast aside in most cases. Because of a dynamic layout, the sky is the limit, and change is supported.

Conventional Web Design Is Not Unique

As its name suggests, a conventional website is not unique. They are considered to be the benchmark of what a site should be. However, they don’t generally go beyond that. They are defined by their core function and don’t offer much else.

For customers who are accustomed to eye-catching and unique designs, this simply won’t do. A unique design sets itself apart and plays a huge role in the customer experience. If you want customers to remember you, give them a site to remember you by.

A unique design draws in customers and helps to retain them for the long term. Of course, uniqueness comes at a cost, like any investment. However, when it comes to websites, uniqueness sells. This can help entrepreneurs gain a foothold in customers’ minds and make their long-term prospects.

No Different From The Crowd

Conventional websites are not well distinguished from the competition. About 252,000 new websites are being launched every day. This means that if competition is rife today, it’ll be far worse tomorrow. To make an impact, you have to distinguish yourself.

It doesn’t matter what type of site you are developing. It can be an e commerce marketplace, a blog, or a business site. You are competing for the limited attention of the customers. A good strategy is to provide them with something unique that sets your site apart.

We, as humans, are naturally inclined to be amazed by something unusual. It draws our attention and makes us talk about it. That is why businesses constantly try to outdo each other in terms of competitive uniqueness. Your website can be a vehicle for your brand’s image. Therefore, it is in your best interest to set it apart from the competition.

web developers

Mobile Interfaces Take Precedence

A conventional design is made with a desktop in mind. That makes total sense since such designs come from a time when mobile browsing was uncommon. Traditionally, internet browsing was limited to desktop computers, but trends are changing. Mobile browsing is set to become more prolific as time goes on.

Studies conducted in 2019 show that 50.48% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. This trend has been increasing in recent years due to increased accessibility. In the US, this number was 63% of all online traffic. Clearly, the world is moving on from desktops and embracing smartphones.

Sensing how the wind is blowing, you must invest in a mobile interface when developing a site. Conventional sites did not allow such with enough functionality. Compatibility issues were rife as a result. You can gain a larger share of the customer base by incorporating mobile layouts.

It’s Not Growth-Driven

A traditional design is not as growth-driven as unique designs. When opting for a conventional web design, you can forget about combustibility. Such sites are good enough for the time being, but your sights might be greatly reduced after some time. That’s because they don’t offer much in terms of growth.

A website is a representation of your company. As such, growth in the business must reflect growth on the site. Unique and flexible designs allow for that in spades. Traditional designs failed in this department as they were often rigid.

Brand image is perhaps your most prized possession as an entrepreneur. That’s why you should never compromise on it. You also don’t want your website to compromise on it as well. Growth requires constant updates and incremental upgrades that not all designs can offer.

Enjoy Greater ROI

You might be confused reading this. Conventional websites are cheaper to build and run. That much is true. However, do they offer greater returns on investment? That’s a different question. Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you that ROI is more important to consider than cost alone. That’s why you shouldn’t let the costs make your decisions for you.

Traditional layouts come cheap, but they offer little, if any, benefit in the modern day. On the other hand, customised and flexible designs are more expensive. However, they offer more returns and can boost your brand beyond your imagination.

It is better to pay for something that can pay for itself than for something that won’t offer anything. When considering choosing a site to build upon, it is always the best decision to embrace innovation.


You might be excited to try out new designs if you have finished this article. However, conventional web design is on its way out, and you must act accordingly. If you require a team of skilled developers, look no further than American Web Developers. They are reviewed favourably and can offer advice on how to build your site for the future.

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