Here Are A Few Indoor Team Building Activities To Improve Productivity

Although it may seem like an extremely practical idea to take part in team-building activities, most of your colleagues will not agree with you. Your workaholic colleague will think it is a waste of their time and how many things they can get covered in that time while your shy colleagues will not want to be childish in front of you. However, with the right indoor team-building games, you can help build an excellent bond among the employees and henceforth increase engagement, trust, and productivity. 

Team building activities will ensure that everyone in the organization has the same set of values and is headed in the same direction. It will also create higher motivation once they feel involved they will look forward to such activities. It will bring positive reinforcement and improve the quality of work. 

Here are some of the indoor team building games to improve productivity:

  • Two truths and a lie

As the name rightfully suggests, this game is played widely and is the easiest way to know an individual’s creativity and life adventures. One person has to tell two truths and a lie about them and others have to guess it. This game always ends up in wild assumptions and laughter. It is more fun if the lie is convincing.

  • Lights, camera, actions

We all love watching an entertaining movie and admire the actor-actress but how about being one? This will help build creativity and communication skills since the direction, script, editing, music, and dance all will be done by the team members. This will also help bring some hidden talents to light. 

  • What happened that year?

Randomly pick a team member and ask them to choose a note from the bowl where you will write different years on different notes and ask them to share their most memorable experience that year. This will give you an insight into their lives and also is a great ice breaker to know a team. It is observed people love talking about themselves and they will feel more connected with this activity.

  • Murder mystery dinner party

Most team building starts with a team party, this is a fun choice of game. One of the participants will play the murderer and others have to guess it. Even make them dress for the game, set a theme, and throughout the party pass out name tags, dossier files, and maps. This will boost teamwork and improve analytical thinking skills.

  • Charades

Whenever we talk about indoor team building games, how can we forget charades? Pick several categories such as movies, cartoon characters, and bands, and divide the team into two parts. People will take turns and enact whatever is written on the piece of paper. The representer cannot speak. The others in the group have to guess it. The team with the highest number of guesses wins. This will help boost trust and bonds among team members.


Team building activities depend on the purpose, time, and size of the team so the above activities will help you decide what is the best for you. If it’s played indoors, the logistics can be kept to a minimum.

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