Harley Quinn and her fabulous suicide squad fashion endeavors!

Dressed to cause distress!

The Suicide Squad got a lot right in terms of characters, action, and plot. But they neglected the costume. The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, has a large cast of returning and new characters. Each character is given a distinct appearance. It matches their crazy characters and skills. The character of Harley Quinn is a fashionable one. She always looks amazing, even when she is decapitating people. It is part of her charm. But she is not the only one who deserves the limelight. Other characters of the suicide squad are just as important. A true fashion enthusiast cannot ignore the rest of the characters. 

The suicide squad cosplay costumes adaptation, on the other hand, deserves praise for almost flawlessly recreating the aesthetic of the comics. Even if a character is hardly in the picture, they look good. The costume designers completed the task with intelligence. They left no stone unturned. There seem to be a lot of clothes to marvel at with a cast this large. James Gunn, with the costume crew, certainly put a lot of effort into the designs. The costumes are eye-catching but also serve a purpose in the film. CGI figures such as King Shark and Weasel don’t really count because this is solely for real outfits.

Harley Quinn Stole The Show!

Harley Quinn (Uniform)

The finest design for Harley Quinn appears only in the opening act of The Suicide Squad. She has long braided pigtails and wears a leather jacket, leather trousers, goggles, a utility belt, and a utility belt. It was also the costume that eventually returned Harley Quinn to her original colors of red and black. Much to the delight of fans. However, the initial Harley Quinn jacket is still a fan favorite!

Furthermore, James Gunn’s design is a mash-up of numerous well-known styles from the past. The jacket is evocative of her Injustice 2 base. And there are aspects of her New 52 and Rebirth comic designs added. James Gunn himself cited influence from the Batman: Arkham games. And there are elements of her New 52 and Rebirth comic creations added. It’s a traditional Harley look that appears to be distinctive for the DCEU while also pleasing fans.

Harley Quinn (Gown)

Margot Robbie has two separate looks in The Suicide Squad. Record of outstanding designs throughout all of her appearances. Her second and most noticeable appearance comes in the second and third acts when she wears a crimson gown. The gown is quite lovely, and it complements her outlandish attitude as well as her black and red ponytails.

Margot Robbie’s ability as Harley Quinn is further highlighted by the outfit she wears. While doing acrobatic and violent maneuvers and action sequences, she looks good. Harley’s gown design creates a new distinctive but appreciated outfit for the series. When coupled with her iconic weapon of The Suicide Squad, a javelin, she looks great. Harley’s fellow squad members were also dressed impeccably! This post would be incomplete without mentioning these specific members!

The Thinker

Peter Capaldi played the thinker., is not the same as the one shown on The Flash on The CW. With the technology implants in his cranium, he’s more of an ordinary guy in Suicide Squad. In plenty of other films, the comic book-accurate concept would be far too absurd. The ludicrous design, however, worked inside The Suicide Squad. Because of James Gunn’s aesthetic and Peter Capaldi’s acting as an evil genius.

Rick Flag (Yellow Shirt)

Flag, who had a respectable but ordinary martial look in the previous film, received another makeover. Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag trades in his military outfit for the yellow shirt first from comics by James Gunn. Ultra-Bunny, an iconic comics creature created by James Gunn, is featured on the shirt.

It’s a basic design, but Joel Kinnaman pulls it off well, appearing like something straight out of a comic book. Flag’ is more altruistic and courageous in The Suicide Squad. as well as James Gunn’s vivid comic book aesthetic is also compatible.

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang was given an update when he returned from 2016’s Suicide Squad. He is given a newly designed outfit. That makes him look less like a street punk while maintaining the Captain Boomerang look. He’s got the bomber coat, the beanie cap, the sideburns, and just about everything else.

Boomerang receives a snazzier jacket with orange highlights. A more armored uniform underneath, more technically advanced boomerangs that can slice through skulls like a lightsaber. And chest holsters for his boomerangs in The Suicide Squad. This design is superior in every way.


As Peacemaker, John Cena looks utterly ludicrous, yet he manages to pull it off during action moments. The bright red, white, and blue outfit, paired with the chrome helmet, complemented the film’s parody. Exactly that of the US military perfectly. In many respects, Peacemaker is a villainous Captain America who sparked the idea of The Comedian in Watchmen.

The Peacemaker’s arrogant and insane demeanor is a perfect match for his appearance. Particularly considering the ridiculously long gun, he carries. Despite the suit’s hilarity, there will still be a lot of attention to detail in color. And the pattern of the fabric, the armor parts, the sculpt of the helmet, and other areas.

Ratcatcher 2

The costume of Ratcatcher 2 appears to be basic at first look. But closer study reveals a wealth of intricacies to enjoy. This new figure is decked out with leather pads, high boots, pouches, and straps. All of which are paired with a trench coat for a steampunk-inspired look.

Her mask, which she acquired from her family, resembled the Ratcatcher mask from the comics. It is Ratcatcher’s only piece of equipment. Her light, which resembles a tiny wand with a lightbulb. And allows her to communicate and control rodents. Which goes together with the mask, giving her a unique appearance.

Polka-Dot Man

Polka-Dot Man turned out to be a popular figure, much to everyone’s surprise. James Gunn managed to make amongst the ridiculous comic book villains shine out. His outfit, which might have readily been overall tights with multi-colored polka-dots emblazoned on them. It was one of his greatest features.

Conversely, Polka-Dot Man dons a white leather World War II flying outfit with rubber dots stitched across it. Identical to what the Ghostbusters wear. His googles look good too. Polka-Dot Man is wearing bracers that radiate his interdimensional dots in this form. Indicating that he has given some attention to how he uses his power.


Not only does Idris Elba’s Bloodsport have a distinctive design because of the armored look. Bloodsport wears a xenomorph-inspired helmet. And the armor also includes devices. Each layer of armor is removable. And can mechanically transform into a weapon for him to wield. Through his armor plate, he can access anything from handguns to assault rifles to huge light machine guns.

Built-in slingshots that can convert into garrote wires, dart guns, and a piece of armor. That can morph into a sword are also on his outfit. Bloodsport can use his helmet as a shield. This improves his comic-book look. Making it more credible that he is strong enough to put Superman in the hospital.

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