Guidelines While Selecting good Pesticide Bottle Manufacturer

It may not be evident to you why or what to look for on the label of a pesticide bottle, but you should read the label before using it. Choosing the proper Pesticide Bottle Manufacturer in Gujarat for the right pest in the right situation and applying it at the correct dose requires understanding pesticide labels. The title of the product must show what pest it is supposed to treat. The location where you want to apply the product must also be specified.

The pesticide label is a legal document that provides instructions on how a pesticide product should be mixed, applied, stored, and disposed of. In other words, if you use a pesticide in a way that is contrary to its labeling, you are breaking the law. Prior to buying or using any pesticide product, make sure you read the label.

Essential information on pesticide labels

Trade or Brand Name

The product is known by this name because of the manufacturer. The chemical make-up of the product is not provided in the label, which is used for marketing purposes only. There may be very different ingredients in products with similar names. The manufacturer of a product may change the active ingredient but keep the product’s brand name.


Active ingredients are those in a product that causes the pest to die or otherwise affect it. A small number of inert ingredients may have been added to improve the activity of the active ingredient. There is no difference between the percentages.

The following precautionary statements apply.

Throughout this statement, you’ll learn about a pesticide’s health risks to humans and the environment, how to avoid exposure, what safety equipment to wear, how to store, and ultimately what you should do when dispose of the pesticide. Additionally, these statements usually include first aid instructions and instructions for physicians.

Signal Word

Depending on how toxic they are, the signal words “CAUTION,” “WARNING,” “DANGER,” and “DANGER-POISON” (in order of increasing toxicity) indicate how acute the active ingredient’s effects are to humans. Neither do they indicate whether long-term effects are likely to affect humans, nor do they indicate the potential toxic effects on others? When a product has low acute toxicity to humans, no signal word might be established. More information about each signal word can be found in the table below.

EPA India Registration and Establishment Numbers

EPA India (Environmental Protection Agency of India) has assigned numbers to all registered pesticides. These numbers indicate the pesticide has been reviewed and found effective under everyday use with minimal risks. Manufacturing and repackaging establishment numbers are codes that identify each manufacturing or repackaging site. An EPA India number won’t be assigned to some pesticides because they are exempt from registration.

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If you have any questions regarding the product, you can always contact the manufacturer using the manufacturer’s name and address on the label.

Directions for Use.

A list of pesticides can be legally used on plants or sites and their target pests in this section. This section includes instructions on how to mix and apply a pesticide and how much to use. Always follow these instructions carefully. Also included is information about how to store and dispose of pesticides and their containers.


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