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GoPuff clone app – A guide to launch a food delivery app like goPuff right now

Beginning a business and running it successfully is not an easy thing, that too, in the current pandemic situation. What if there is a business that runs successfully irrespective of the circumstances? Yes, there is an on-demand delivery services business.

It runs even in the covid-19 pandemic as there is a need for food delivery, snack delivery, and home essentials delivery apps among the customers.  

GoPuff- a food delivery service provider with a magnanimous presence

goPuff is an on-demand food delivery service app, which was founded by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev in the year of 2013. Since then, it continues to grow tremendously. It doubled its valuation in 5 months to approximately $8.9 billion. It is a considerable rise when compared to October 2020, which is nearly $1.2 billion.

This is evident that the amount is raised triple the times. goPuff has made its online presence with a mobile app and website. It serves more than 165 million people daily worldwide. At present, it is operated in 200 U.S locations. 

The covid-19 pandemic has driven an urge in placing online orders with just a few taps via the app. Seizing this opportunity, many entrepreneurs are showing interest in developing an app like goPuff.

A working model of the goPuff app

goPuff is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. Apart from that, customers can access it via the website. Here is the workflow in steps.

  • Customers install the app from either Google Play Store or App Store, depending on the device they use. Once done, they register with it using the necessary details. 
  • They have to specify their current or delivery location in which they want their order to be delivered. 
  • The app redirects the customers to the local warehouse to choose the products they want to order. 
  • The chosen products will be added to the cart. Upon confirming the order, they have to pay. It is up to their wish to pay online or choose cash on delivery.
  • A respective warehouse packs the order and assigns a delivery person to deliver the order to the customer’s location within a stipulated time. Usually, the placed order is delivered around 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, the customers can check the order status right from placing their order until the delivery. 

What does goPuff offer the customers?

Most of the goPuff operated locations have 3000+ products sourced from 40 local and national suppliers.

Best selling items include ice cream, chips, seltzer, exotic pizzas, and candy. Occasionally demanding products include medicines, chargers, hygiene products, and party related decoration items. 

Apart from these, they sell and deliver beer and alcoholic beverages. These come with a strict identity confirmation policy.

How goPuff earns revenue?

They follow several monetization strategies. They charge a delivery fee of $1.95 for each order the customer makes via the app. Suppose, the customer’s orders alcoholic beverages, they charge them an additional fee of $2.95.  

Notably, the minimum order value is $10. Customers can opt for a membership and it costs $5.95 per month. They offer a free delivery service for those who pay membership fees. This is how they make money. 

Other food delivery services apps charge nearly $5 as a delivery fee (varies depending on the order volume and time). Whereas, goPuff is not relying on the delivery charges for making a profit. 

What makes goPuff different from other on-demand delivery apps

It is obvious that goPuff is unique as it is the first one to cut the middleman for an on-demand delivery business. They choose gig workers for delivering the products to their customers. This “no middleman” idea not only saves time but also reduces the cost of fuel. The drivers are paid based on the order volume. 

Instead of acting only as a service provider, they have their own warehouse. Therefore, the warehouse receives the notification directly once the customers place their order. 

As they have their physical warehouse, they buy the products from the sellers in bulk and sell them at a lower price. This is the main reason why they do not rely on delivery fee for profit. 

Consider the following features while developing the goPuff clone app

If you intend to launch the goPuff like app, do not miss out on the following significant features. 

  • Registration

Apart from offering a manual registration process, let your customers sign up with the app automatically using a Google account. Because, manual registration takes much time as they have to enter their name, email address, phone number, and delivery address.

  • Payment options

Many prefer a digital payment option to make transactions as it is convenient for the customers. Digital payments include internet banking, UPI, and debit/credit card. Also, consider offering the cash on delivery. 

  • Orders

You can let the customers see the most trending products under the category of Most Popular in a separate window. This helps them to order the popular products when they are confused about which one to order. 

Apart from these, consider including electrifying features that make your app stand out from other food delivery apps. Look out for a few of the following features that give value to your app.

  • Quick delivery

Irrespective of the products the customers order, deliver them within the shortest time range. This takes over advantage over your competitors. Most customers prefer the fastest delivery.  

  • 24*7 delivery

Also, you can offer a 24*7 delivery service to your customers. Like, you can let your customers select the convenient delivery time. This leaps to move forward with the competition.

  • Less or zero delivery charges

To gain potential customers, you can eliminate the delivery fees from them. This is one of the effective ways to improve customer loyalty towards your app. So, they keep on avail service from the goPuff like app. 

  • Customer support

You can offer customer support via in-app chat/call or email. Whenever doubts arise, they directly contact the support team with ease. It bridges a gap between your business and customers. User engagement makes the app successful. 

Bottom line

Above all, goPuff like app development plays a vital role in determining the success of the business. Because, you have to concentrate on the app’s UI/UX, features, technology stack, functionality, app platform, and much more. Therefore, consider choosing the best and suitable mobile app development company for developing an app like goPuff. 

If you really intend to enter into the profitable online food delivery business, go for the Uber Like App company. We give you the world-class & feature-rich app solution that is built using cutting edge technology. Assure that we provide the goPuff clone app at a reasonable price. 

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