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If you are in Singapore, you cannot escape mathematics both in and out of your school.  Students do not have any choice other than to get in the mood and on good terms with the subject.

Most students have a phobia for mathematics right from a very early age.  There are many reasons for it. Rather than helping, teachers sometimes make things worse by making a comparison with others and telling one that they are slow learners. When they reach home and do complain about mathematics, parents are either very busy to get their point, or they do not know how to assist their kids.

Why students struggle for mathematics in Singapore?

In Singapore, Math is one of the complex subjects by global standards. And also, with every passing year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been increasing the range of curriculum and the level of difficulty of the math exam. This makes math a complex subject.

In the past, algebra was taught in sec 1 math tuition, and now at present, it is being taught as early as P4.

Students without proper guidance struggle in their early years and develop a fear of the subject. The anxiety towards learning math will lead to exacerbate the whole situation and also lead to increasing problems in the coming days. Students start getting bad marks and get labelled as performing poorly in math.

For most of the students, maths becomes an everyday struggle. Now you must be thinking, what is the solution for this?

Well! To prevent this major problem, parents can assist their child and offer them the help they need through private math tuition at a very early stage, i.e. PSLE math tuition. The concepts of mathematics act like building blocks. When your child fails to understand even a few concepts at an early stage when they advance, they develop gaps in grasping that will affect the overall performance.

PSLE math tuition is the most reliable solution for this problem, it could help students in many ways. Know-how

Practical applications: The math tuition teacher assists in bringing home some math theories by using daily examples that students can easily relate to.

  • Customize resources: Students learn from the lesson notes and from the unique perspective that teachers bring to the table.
  • Full of impact learning: Teachers can recognize the areas of challenges in each topic and allow students to walk through it step by step.
  • A planned approach: Good PSLE math tuition teachers help in recognizing and addressing a student’s weak points and also focus on their strengths for best outcomes.
  • Learning filled with fun: A good math tuition teacher add some fun as well as flavour to a boring subject by sharing some of the relevant experiences that help in enriching the whole learning process.

At which age your kid should start getting mathematics tuition in Singapore?

Honestly, being very good in mathematics depends on IQ or genes. But with proper guidance from a very young age, most of the young students grow up to become very good at maths. This is the reason you should start hiring tutor when your child is at the age of 7. It is the best thing you can do for your kid to assist in building confidence in mathematics when your kid is in middle of the primary school, its not late to get PSLE maths tuition.

During the secondary level, the whole syllabus becomes harder. It is no wonder that math tuition during secondary level is one of the everyday things that parents seek. But it is often recommended to start O level math tuition in secondary school. Mathematics is counted as two subjects in the O-level and not one.

During junior college level, students will have to study H1 Math, H2 Math and also H3 math. The difficulty of these exams are always sky high and need a good understanding of advanced math topics like complex number and statistics. It has been seen that students get the best learning from one to one maths tuition because the complicacy of the questions needs students to be capable to ask questions and get some personal guidance.

Why is 1-1 mathematics tuition unique?

  • Individual studying: A private math teacher is, as the name implies, private. This implies you will get full attention and customized lesson tailored as per your kid’s weaknesses as well as requirements.
  • Choice of teachers: Get a teacher that matches your specified needs.
  • Highly convenient: Your child will come home from school, and get comfortable and then can start math tuition at home with 1:1 psle maths tuition. It is a secured environment and basically under your guidance.
  • Suitable interactive classes: When you have a home tuition teacher for maths, it means your child can ask everything right away. They can ask as many as during the class duration. They will not have to share the class with other students. Based on attention, private tuition is more worthy than math group tuition.
  • Learn online: Nowadays, most of them offer online teachings through zoom. This will be slightly cheaper when to compare to face to face tuitions. Whether it is math tuition or English tuition online, it is more flexible as well as convenient for all. Moreover, the lessons can also be recorded for the future.

Now let’s see what the best qualities of a good math teacher are?

  • The teacher should have reliable teaching methodologies as well as a style of communication. They must match your child specified learning requirements.
  • The teacher should have the required patience to make your child understand math easily.
  • He/she should have the required qualifications.
  • More experienced the teacher, better for your child.
  • The teacher must remain updated as per the current syllabus going on.

Thus, do not allow you kid face problems with math and they do not have to. Select a good PSLE math tuition teacher. Not only does your child face a problem with English, but also go for English tuition by finding a good tutor. Finding a good teacher is very easy with so many platforms available nowadays online.

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