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Get Homework Done From Your Toddler in These 5 Simple Ways

Everything is new in parenting as well as everything requires parents’ love and support. Right from the first time when your little munchkin wanted to ride a bicycle and hoped on the seat excitedly, you made sure that he or she has supportive paddles on both ends while holding the back seats and walking along. You continued to supervise them until they gained the confidence to ride it on their own. The same is while dealing with homework. In the initial days, your little ones will need some hand-holding until they do it by themselves.

However, when your toddler starts attending preschool regularly, you know that they may receive homework frequently from every subject. As you would receive emails or updates on the school diary about it, the first thought to cross your mind will be how to get a 4-5-year-old to do the homework? Thus Nursery School In Mumbai share five ways to deal with homework challenges that will make you worry-free!


The introduction of every factor to a child is very crucial. The same applies to the homework. Parents must explain to kids how homework helps evaluate the memory and learning capabilities. A positive light must be shed on the topic instead of rushing them into the timely homework completion.

Schedule Homework

Scheduling the entire day of the toddler can be one of the positive reinforcements. Out of which allotting a specific timing for completing the homework would make the work less challenging. For additional effect, giving them a clear idea about what to write and help in memorising the important points.


Just like adults need an equipped environment to work from home, kids need an established environment to learn from home. Fixing specific space at home for their homework will build their concentration and eliminate sources of distraction.


Negotiating with the child about their day-to-day routine is vital. It helps them rejuvenate and recollect all the topics learnt in their online class immediately. Your questioning about their studies will motivate them to do better and elevate their interest in subjects. Also, you can discuss answers to homework before writing them down for better understanding.


Completing home-work at a stretch can exhaust and bore kids beyond words. Thus timely breaks during the homework schedule will not only freshen them up but also clear their mind. Fifteen minutes every hour or after completing one subject. You can set the break as per your toddler pace of completing the homework.

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It is crucial to understand that home-work is not something that kids should just get done for the sake of completing it on time. Nursery School in Mumbai believes that it is a procedure to evaluate their progress in reading and retaining information through various subjects. Thus parent’s must encourage kids after homework completion to keep them away from the lack of motivation and help them excel, not just in studies, in life too.

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