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Get a Pet Portrait Painting for Your Beloved Companion

It is a fact that companions for humans can be of all kinds, it could be a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a tortoise, a hamster and many more that can enrich your lives. Many studies have shown that pet owners have very few illnesses as compared to the ones who don’t have one. They tend to recover very fast from their serious health conditions as well and tend to be very content.

Briefly, there are some pros of owning or being near your beloved companion.

Feeling less lonely: Loneliness may end up with some getting serious mental repercussions, falling to depression or even shortened lifespan! Just having a pet to come home can improve a person’s mental health. Our animal companions give us purpose, creating a routine of meeting needs like feeding and exercise would help people suffering from depression who need motivation.

Loving without Judgements: Another magical thing about having a pet is that they love us without judgment. They don’t care if we got a bad grade at school or made a mistake at work, so long as we can pet them and give them treats at the end of the day. This quality is excellent for easing anxiety, as our pets provide a consistent positive presence.

They can even relieve the stress of meeting new people, providing an immediate source of shared interest with other pet owners. Even a pet as low maintenance as a fish helps in providing benefits to your wellbeing. Watching a beautiful fish swirl around in a tank can be calming yet regular, even then, this small task of feeding the fish can keep your routine going. To honour these selfless creatures, why not get a pet portrait painting done for them?

More compatibility among humans: Did you know that after having a pet, You will find them around you always, supporting you. A pet is never going to make you disappointed because they will always support you, try to understand you and be there around you no matter what.

Meeting other people: If you think that you lack social skills, you can think of owning a pet because of its superpower of making you good with your communication skills. Having a pet around can help you enhance your ability to talk to others and meet them. This will end you up being more social and getting strongly associated with good mental and physical health.

Having a pet companion on the other hand is a serious responsibility as well. A careful decision and rational thought must be invested to pick out the right pet for you, which type and breed would best suit you and your household circumstances. After all this, we are sure that you and your pet will be happier and healthier for having found each other.

At this time, when you plan to bring in this little bunch of happiness to your doors, you can get a pet oil painting done. To welcome their steps! A pet will become your family member as soon as you get them. Celebrate your love for your pet by getting a pet painting of your dog, cat, rabbit etc. A pet portrait painting is sure to bring a lot of positive vibes to your house and help lighten up the atmosphere of your house.

Why get a pet oil painting?

A pet won’t understand or speak your language, but their love is not bound by language. Love is simply the sense of gratitude and the bond that we share with the other person or in this case, a pet! Art has been a crucial and meaningful way to express and showcase one’s feelings for ages, thus a pet portrait painting is a perfect way to strengthen this relationship.

The best thing about having a dog, cat or any kind of pet around is that they can’t bear to see you in a bad and sulky mood and will do everything in their power to rejuvenate your soul. A digital oil painting is a perfect tribute to all that your pet has done for you. A pet portrait painting is a great way to add some aesthetic beauty to your house or give it to a loved one who has a companion as well.

Having a painting around is not only visually appealing but also helps you connect with your pet on a much more personal level. Get pet paintings from photos with Pawstro, that make you think of one of the most cherished memories that you hold with your pet and watch as it captivates your soul.

At Pawstro, we bring to you digitally crafted portraits for your beloved companions. Thinking of showing them this gesture? Give us a chance to put our best strokes with the help of our specialized artists who don’t just use mere Softwares but showcase their craft through unmatched detailings, finishing and putting life in your digital pet oil painting.

Our digital magic stroke is going to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your companions. You have our word, for we understand that pets have conquered every challenge at home by being on your side. This way of expressing the joyous story would bring a great sense of honour.

With Pawstro, all you have to do is pick the most admiring picture of your pet (HD image) and send it to us. You can do this through our social media handles on Instagram or Facebook (@pawstroofficial), or by sending an email to us at You can also reach out to us on 9054719872 and place your order.

Our pet portraits have a standard size range of 12’ x 14’. You can also avail of up to 3 free revisions. These pet portraits will be presented to you on archival canvas which is framed neatly and delivered to you. The printed forms of the digital version of this painting can be best used on mugs, t-shirts, puzzles, frames, phone covers, pillow covers too! Let’s seal this deal! Come join us together in our journey of painting memories, affection, happiness, love and elegance with a custom pet oil painting.

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