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Generate Your Revenue On Classified Market By Launching A Olx Clone App

The online classified marketplace has grown diligently over the years. This online marketplace enables the users to buy and sell their products with other users. The classifieds market has become highly competitive, but it is still easy to venture. A buy-sell classifieds app enables the users to buy, sell and rent a wide range of products ranging from technology gadgets, furniture, cars, pets, and much more on the list. 

A classified app is different from a commerce app. A classified app runs based on the c2c model,b2b and b2c, leaving scope for anyone to buy and sell anything. Classified apps like OLX, Letgo, and Quikr assist people in buying and selling their products to other users of the app. Are you an entrepreneur aiming to launch an app like OLX for venturing into the Classified market? This blog is for you. Get insights into how a classified market generates its revenue. 

OLX clone app: 

OLX Clone is a classified platform similar to OLX. This OLX Clone is ready to launch an app that comes with customized features. The entrepreneurs need not spend much money to develop an app. They can purchase an OLX clone script and launch it in no matter of time. The tailor-made app will cater to all the essential features of an app. It is a white label where you can replace it with your name, logo, and theme. If entrepreneurs have a better idea to channelize their app, they are free to add their ideas as it is customized for the user end.

The features that come along with the OLX clone script are,

  • Easy registration: The users can log into the account using their contact details and mail id 
  • Managing profile: The users can manage their profile with their name and location. This profile will show the history of the user’s purchase activity.
  • Location: The users can set their location by entering the location search option.
  • Uploading photos: The users can upload high-resolution images of the product they would like to sell. The users can also describe the product below the image.
  • Selling option: with the selling option, the users can sell products online by uploading pictures of the product.
  • Buying option:  The users can surf through the products listed by the sellers and buy products out of that.
  • Interaction with others: The users can chat with other users. For example, if you want to buy a product from a user, you can communicate with the user. This helps you to clear all your doubts about the product. 
  • Advanced searches: The users can search their desired products in the search panel. The search result will display the results sorted according to the search parameters like cost and any particular preference.
  • Notification: Push-up notifications are a kind of alert message for the users. These notifications will be kept the users updated with new messages.
  • User friendly: A User-friendly interface is vital in developing an app. So, develop an app accessible for the iOS and Android platforms.

Benefits of developing an OLX Clone app:

Developing an app like OLX will be pretty profitable. Besides, certain benefits will boost up the App owner.

Scalable Business model:  Developing a classified app is easy, and it does not involve significant investment. It has fewer financial risks when compared to other business models. So, the entrepreneurs can attract a large number of users without much capital investment.

Revenue model: An app like OLX will earn quite decent revenue by running advertisements and promotions. This app enables to display of promotional content for which the app receives a considerable amount.

How OLX clone will generate revenue for the entrepreneurs:

Earn from each sale of the product: 

OLX Clone is a classified app that offers a platform for users to sell and buy their products. Which means every purchase takes place with its support. So, it is diligent in paying some money for the app. The app takes a commission for each transaction. When more products are sold, the profit will be high for the product.


The app allows other businesses to purchase a paid plan to display their promotion feed on their app. Such ads will be highlighted in the app.

Google ads:

The app also provides a provision to display the Google ads and gets paid for them. The ad will be displayed on all the visible points of the app. 

Sponsored listing:

This feature is unique. The sellers can pay and opt for a plan where their products will appear at the top of the search results.

Premium offer:

Premiums offer the sellers to pay a certain amount of fee to get additional features like advertisements. They can also run their advertisements at the heart of the app.

In summing up,

The classified marketplace is gearing up for growth. So entrepreneurs can start working on apps to get considerable revenue through it. With the ready-to-launch OLX Clone App available in the market, entrepreneurs can start their venture without further delay.

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