Free CDR Report Sample for Industrial Engineering

Looking for the perfect CDR sample for Industrial engineering? You are in the right place! This guide presents you with a professional Industrial Engineering CDR report so that you can have a template of your own while creating it.

Industrial engineering is a highly flourishing career option for students. They typically work in the field of research and development, carrying out the specific tasks of investigation, utilization, and review of the workforce, equipment, materials, and different operational procedures. They hold the responsibility of improvement of the efficacy of different processes in the industrial, commercial, and production sectors.

Industrial engineers who wish to pursue an engineering career in Australia need a Competency Demonstration Report to Engineers Australia. The CDR report for Industrial Engineer mainly comprises the Curriculum Vitae, three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and Summary Statement. Below is a professional sample of how you can prepare the perfect Industrial Engineers CDR report!

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The curriculum vitae or the engineering resume Australia is one of the crucial parts of a CDR report. The document highlights all the important details of the applicant including their personal and professional details. It lists out the basic engineering educational qualification, work experience gained from project works, internships, and employment along with the set of skills acquired. The CV for the CDR report should be compiled in a professional format without exceeding 3 A4 pages.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement helps in clarifying the applicant’s diverse knowledge in the field of engineering. It specifies the applicant’s academic qualification, work experience, abilities, and technical achievements along with the information about any internships, or workshops attained. The CPD should be prepared in such a way that the Engineers Australian authorities can evaluate your qualification in your respective engineering domain. The document should be around 1000 words long aligning with Engineers Australia guidelines.

Career Episodes

A career episode is a complex yet important part of the CDR report. The career episodes are described into three different episodes that feature three distinct projects carried out by the applicant during their undergraduate studies, internships, or workshops. Below are the important things you should mention in your three career episodes:

  • Why did you choose the specific project?
  • The engineering skills and knowledge applied in the project.
  • How you accomplished the projects
  • The outcome of your participation
  • How was your interaction with the team members
  • Any technical problems faced, and how you overcome them
  • Creative design work

Each career episode should be around 1000-2500 words in length. Here is a detailed example of how you can demonstrate the three career episodes for your CDR along with the roles and responsibilities carried out:

  1. Industrial Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

Project Name: RFID-based Attendance System

Career episode 1 for the Industrial engineer must describe the project carried out by the engineer during their undergraduate studies/internships/workshops. It can be on the project “RFID based Attendance System” or any other relevant project followed by the duties and responsibilities performed. The career episode 1 can be around 1950 words.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Developed a user-friendly system for information management and retrieval
  • Initiated a suitable procedure for checking the system concerning the performance and efficacy
  • Composed and utilized a functional digitalized attendance system
  • Replaced the traditional attendance-taking system with a digitalized one


  1. Industrial Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

Project Name: Predicting product life cycle patterns

Career episode 2 for the Industrial engineer must specify the project carried out by the engineer during their undergraduate studies. It can be on the project ” Predicting product life cycle patterns” or any other relevant project followed by the duties and responsibilities performed. The career episode 2 can be around 1670 words.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Completed Literature Review of the project
  • Implementation of the clustering methodology on the non-parametric modeling of the information
  • Analyzed the data and information utilization of descriptive factors
  • Discovered and analyzed the common characteristics of each cluster


  1. Industrial Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

Project Name: Building A New Production Line

Career episode 3 for the Industrial engineer must specify the project carried out by the engineer during their undergraduate studies. It can be on the project “Building A New Production Line ” or any other relevant project followed by the duties and responsibilities performed. The career episode 3 can be around 1700 words.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Analyzed the production of precast concrete staircases in line with the project budget.
  • Evaluated the manufacturing process of precast concrete steps
  • Manufactured and delivered products to the customers in time.
  • Analyzed and authorized a new Quality Control System for new products.
  • Estimated the cost of the project
  • Collaborated and communicated with the clients about product specifications and provided ideal feedback
  • Analyzed the outcome of the projects

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Industrial Engineer Career Episode Report.

Project Name: Improvement of the assembly working station.
In the first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Transport Engineering in her final year. The name of the project was: “Improvement of the assembly working station” and his responsibilities were:

  • To implement the theoretical tools for one small portion of the portion.
  • To expand the practices to other areas of the project.
  • To determine the replication of these particles in other industrial areas. the depiction of the Burner Management System must be intended to ensure a sheltered, methodical working succession in the start-up and shutdown of fuel terminating hardware and to lessen conceivable blunders by following the working methodology.

Summary Statement

The summary statement in a CDR report is an important document that represents the cross-reference of your three career episodes. This part requires you to demonstrate all the engineering competency elements within the specific length and format as per suggested by EA. There is a single summary statement for all three career episodes and it is also the first page your accessor would look for to evaluate your professional abilities and qualifications. The summary statement should compile the following:

  • Overall project view
  • Your contribution to the project
  • Steps you take to reach accomplish your project goals

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