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Foreign tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best places for foreign tourism in the world. It has a diversity of areas. From historical sites to beaches this beautiful country has this all. That is why people when traveling in groups or with their families pick this place as they can find places with everyone’s interest. All of these factors and some other ones have helped Turkey grow its foreign tourism. In this article we are going to discuss the foreign tourism of Turkey and how they improved it.

Turkey is listed as the 6th best country in the world for tourism. The chances are that this ranking is going to get further better. Currently, around 30 million tourists visit Turkey every year. 2017 was the year when Turkey made a record. 40 million tourist visited Turkey in that year. The tourism sector aimed to bring this number to 50 million and generate revenues of 50 billion USD by 2023. They calculated this data by comparing it with the year 2015. In that year the total tourist was 39.4 million.


Moreover, Turkey is supporting its tourism by making facilities available for the foreigners. 13,615 facilities have been registered. The combined total bed capacity of these accommodations is 1,250,000. To compete with the increasing tourism of Turkey, 281 new pipeline projects have been launched that would provide them with 74,130 much needed beds. The foreign investment motivates other foreigners to visit Turkey and look for investment chances too. In 2015. Turkey had 165 hotel chains and 15% of that was owned by international investors.

Furthermore, Turkey has a 7200km coastline. It has 436 blue flag beaches and is ranked 2nd among 38 countries with blue beaches. No wonder Turkey has a large crowd during summers on beaches.

In terms of sports, Turkey is getting better day by day in golf tourism with 15 tourism operation-licensed golf resort.

In 2019, Turkey received 50 million foreign people visiting them. Half of them came to look for properties in Antalya. Most of them visited to enjoy the sun and clear water of Turkey.

By updating the infrastructure, making good opportunities for foreign investment, Turkey has surely attracted many people to visit them.

Foreigners have a list of cities they enjoy and prioritize visiting. They keep them on top of their list because they are modernizing and at better level than other cities. Among them the top ones are:

1) Istanbul

Istanbul is the famous city of Turkey and the most visited too. The city is buzzing with a population of 15 million. Unsurprisingly, Istanbul is one of the world’s favorite city-break destinations. The city also has many historical monuments in different areas. It has more tourist attraction than in the whole Turkey alone. You can enjoy every week and still find places to visit every day. Don’t be lulled into thinking this city is just the sum of its grand past. Street life here has a buzzing, youthful vibe. Travel with istanbul travestileri.

The cafes and dining include a variety of dishes. From the ottoman’s empire time and some other royal delights, you can find almost every variety here.

2) Antalya

If you want to enjoy the city and the beaches too, the Antalya is the perfect spot for you in Turkey. The city has a population of 1.2 million beautiful and friendly people. The beach life can be found at both the beaches, the Konya alti beach and the Lara beach. Foreigners love the cafes and restaurants of Antalya as they provide a vibe of their own. Apart from the beaches mountainous coastline, provides more tourist attractions. Moreover, Antalya also is a place to visit for the archaeological sites of Turkey.

3) Bursa

Bursa is known for being the capital of ottoman empire. But it is not still like how it used to be in the past. The city has been changed into modern, vast, rambling city. Almost 2 million people have their home in Bursa. The foreigners like to visit the 20 domed mosques that have a beautiful interior and colorfully decorated museums. Foodies come here to dine and try the famous Iskender Kebab. Almost every restaurant in Bursa has this famous dish as it is their specialty.

4) Sanhurfa

Sanhurfa is a must to go place for the foreigners. It was once the byzantine city. Since the tourism has been opened up there has been an increase in foreigners visiting the Sanhurfa. These Neolithic monoliths, sitting just on the city outskirts, were anointed with UNESCO World Heritage status in 2019. The city of Sanhurfa has some amazing archaeological museums that explains the importance of human history. The old town district bazaar is a busy muddle. The old caravans are used as openair cafes. In the heart of the city lies the Golbasi park. These eye-catching places attract the tourist and this is why the foreign tourism is increasing in Turkey.

5) Izmir

This provincial capital, and Turkey’s 1/3 biggest center, with a population of 2.9 million, is a massive-metropolis base for the close by websites of Ephesus and Pergamum, which might be each day-tripping distance.

Spreading alongside the Aegean waterfront, Izmir nowadays is feted as considered one of Turkey’s most active metropolitan facilities. Its younger, industrial buzz and cutting-edge façade hides a considerable history.

Izmir changed into as soon as Smyrna, the most crucial port town along this coastline from the Roman length up to the end of the Ottoman technology.

Along with Alexandria in Egypt, it was feted for centuries as a Mediterranean cosmopolitan hub, where Turks, Greeks, Jews, and Armenians all thrived.

A catastrophic fire at the quit of the Turkish warfare for Independence in 1922 wiped out a lot of Izmir’s historic neighborhoods, however a glimpse of its storied past can nonetheless be observed inside the vast Kemeraltı market district cushty inside the metropolis middle. here, Ottoman warehouses now residence craft workshops, caravanserais are transformed to coffee houses, and alleyway stalls are piled excessive with produce and family items.

6) Konya

The ornately tiled Mevlana Museum, home to the tomb of 13th-century Sufi poet and preacher Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, has made this old Seljuk capital a primary forestall for any visitor heading east from the Mediterranean coast.

Most visitors time their ride to watch a performance with the aid of the whirling dervishes (twice weekly in summer time; as soon as a week the relaxation of year) within the birthplace of this Mevlevi Sufi sect.

Konya’s Sufi connection has made its tourism call however there are lots of factors to do past the dervishes.

The crucial town is crammed with the surviving mosques and monuments from Konya’s grand technology as Seljuk capital inside the thirteenth century. a few, which include the Karatay Medresesi, have been painstakingly restored and turned into interesting museums that highlight the creative accomplishments of the Seljuk technology.

Outdoor the town itself, the stark surrounding plains are domestic to a number of points of interest on the way to persuade records-minded vacationers to linger some other night in town.

Pinnacle of the listing is the settlement mound of Çatalhöyüok, wherein archaeologists unearthed one of the world’s biggest Neolithic villages.


Every country generates a lot of revenue by tourism. Even some countries’ economy is solely depended on the tourism industry. The countries include Maldives, British Virgin Islands, and Bahamas. Unsurprisingly, many of the countries where tourism is most important to the economy are located in popular island destinations. Turkey comes among the few countries that boosts its economy by tourism. That is why they have spent a lot on building their infrastructure, built habitats that increased the greenery, and have educated their people to make a healthy environment for the foreigners. The numbers we have mentioned just explains to us how Turkey is successful in foreign tourism after doing this. We have also mentioned few of the most visited places by foreigners.


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