Follow The Best Packaging Practices For Your Online Business

In an advanced era of online shopping where customers choose to buy from different brands online, the need for delivering the product in the safest manner to customers has significantly increased by online businesses. With customers putting more value on the safe arrival of their parcels, online businesses are diving deep to find the best packaging solution that keeps the product safe during transit.  Looking into different packaging solutions, the online businesses came up with the most effective and safest packaging solution i.e. Wholesale Mailer Boxes to provide safe order delivery to customers. The mailers made out of high-strength packaging materials ensure high-level product protection that not only reflect a high brand impression but also encourage customers for repeated purchases.

What makes mailer boxes appropriate for shipping?

Several reasons are involved that makes the mailers as the best choice of packaging boxes for shipping purpose. Regardless of the type of mailer boxes used for product packaging either regular slotted boxes, full overlap boxes, one-piece mailers, front lock mailers, or full telescope boxes, each of them is the perfect choice for shipping due to the following reasons. The mechanical properties of corrugated cardboard material make them best for the shipping of mailers.

  • The mailer boxes made out of corrugated material are resilient, light in weight, and resistant to different external influences that ensure product protection during transportation, shipment, storing, and most importantly storage.
  • The mailer packaging boxes when contain suitable cushioning components provide maximum product protection against humps and bumps coming along the way and make them appropriate for fragile products.
  • The thickness of the corrugated mailers provides maximum strength that keeps the packaged products secure and tight. Moreover, this added strength makes the products crush resistant and ensure product protection from physical influence inside and out.

Consider the following packaging strategies while getting custom-made mailers

  • Make sure to use the best size for the mailer packaging

The size really does matter for mailer packaging boxes. Packaging the products in the right-sized boxes will reduce the chances of product breakage by reducing the amount of cushioning you require. The greater the size of the boxes, the greater will be the cushioning required for protecting the product from damage. Large-sized boxes for small-sized products will not only put the products at risk of breakage but also increase the shipping cost. The more you minimize the empty spaces in the boxes, the more will be the product protection. However, be aware of packaging the products in the right size for mailers to ensure maximum product protection.

Wholesale Mailer Boxes
Wholesale Mailer Boxes
  • Communicate with customers

On receiving the much-anticipated parcel, the customer’s experience can turn upside down if the mailers are not attractive enough to hold the receiver’s attention. To give a pleasing and interactive packaging experience to customers, include product-relevant information on the boxes to engage more customers with the product. Moreover, different marketing messages can also be incorporated into the mailer packaging to communicate to the target audience in the most efficient and professional manner. Communicating the target audiences through the packaging is among the most effective form of marketing that will make all customers see your product. However, including this marketing tactic will give a clear depiction of the brand’s voice, value, and identity.

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  • Make the mailer boxes engaging with the receivers

Adding captivating graphics, striking colors, and eye-catching content on the wholesale mailer boxes will make the design pop out and captures the maximum attention of customers. You can make customers more excited about the package by adding captivating content such as “you deserve it”, “your favorite things inside”, etc. that will ultimately make them smile and enhance their unboxing experience. Moreover, different images and graphics can be added to the mailer boxes to make them look more eye-catching and attractive. Different color combinations on the boxes will add more attraction to the mailers and make customers more focused on the packaging.

  • Make the branded impression on customers

The custom-made mailers offer a great chance for businesses to brand their business to the target audiences. It is extremely important for businesses to make an effective and ever-lasting brand impression on customers. For this purpose, customizing the mailer boxes with the brand name and logo will not only create brand distinction but also increase brand awareness. The branded mailer packaging will make customers recommend your brand in their circle which will ultimately enhance the marketing of the brand without you making any extra effort to reach a new audience.

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