The modern customer lives in a constant rush. In such an environment, purchasing decisions are often made spontaneously. Impulse demand, combined with a pronounced seasonality, stimulates ice cream producers to compete for consumer attention actively. Flexible packaging included different types of packaging.

Bright and attractive packaging can become a decisive argument that “grabs” the buyer’s attention and ensures the required level of sales.

“Delicious” packaging for a tasty product

We understand the importance of packaging in terms of communication between the brand and the consumer. Therefore each SM Custom Packaging project is an individual packaging solution that combines excellent functional and selling properties. Our company is working on Flexible packaging.

The combination of materials used for printing protects the ice cream from sunlight and moisture, preserving the product’s taste and extending its life on the shelf. And to visually highlight the packaging on the shelf, we use the latest printing standards and decoration technology. They allow you to get rich, bright colors, realistic textures, and excellent detailing of even the smallest elements in the design.

SM Custom packaging is providing the best custom packaging for small business.

Ice cream packaging structure using Flexible packaging

Considering many years of experience in the market, we have developed the best options for combinations of materials for ice cream packaging.

Option 1. We recommend using a laminate for ice cream in chocolate glaze based on transparent and metalized polypropylene films. This combination of films will protect the product from sunlight and provide a delicate metallic sheen. To visually convey the premium quality of the product, customers also opt for a matte film.

Classic combination:

  • Oriented transparent polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water condensation, high transparency)
  • Oriented metalized polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water condensation, light reflectivity)

Option 2. Due to its lightweight porous structure, pearl-white polypropylene film is excellent for packaging ice cream. The high degree of whiteness of the material allows, in turn, implementing any solutions for packaging design in terms of its brightness and saturation.

Classic combination:

  • Oriented pearl white polypropylene film (good barrier properties against condensation water, high white level)

Option 3. We recommend using a single-layer laminate made of transparent polypropylene film for ice cream in a cone or cup.

Classic combination:

  • Oriented transparent polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water condensation, high transparency)

Packaging that sells

We will help you get closer to your customers and make ice cream packaging special in their perception.

Flexible packaging and vacuum bags for snacks

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the format of a quick snack in the form of snacks is becoming more popular. New types of snacks appear on store shelves every year, while the segment of “healthy” snacks – vegetables, fruits, and grains – is actively growing. Therefore, it is so important to choose to pack snacks that will protect the taste and appearance of the product and allow you to stand out among dozens of competitors.

How to choose the right snack packaging?

Each type of snack requires special storage conditions. Therefore, to improve the protective properties of packaging in our own laboratory SM Custom packaging, the permeability of materials, elongation, tensile strength, and other characteristics are tested.

Packaging structure for snack products

The combination of plastic films with protection from sunlight will preserve the quality of the product. The optimal choice of material will be a laminate made of 2 types of polypropylene films: transparent and metalized.

  • Oriented transparent polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water condensation, high transparency),
  • Oriented metalized polypropylene film (good barrier properties against condensation, excellent reflectivity).

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