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Find The Best Android App Marketing Tips for Beginners

Here is a list of the best Android mobile app development and marketing tips for beginners and all those who would like to improve the way they market their apps.

If you have a killer app idea that you would like to promote in the market, what options do you have available? Let’s learn about these ideas in detail.

One of the best ways to market your apps is by listing them on app listing platform. While that is just one idea, there are many other options available that you can use for Android app marketing.

Great app ideas and are ready to promote your app on the market. Maybe you’re eagerly anticipating that people will start downloading your app, but there is one problem: you don’t know where to begin marketing your Android app. That’s what we are going to focus on in this article.

Best Tips of Android App Marketing for Beginners

Let’s learn everything there is to know about mobile app marketing and how it can help you grow your business with the right strategies.

Start with App Store Optimization

Based on a variety of ranking parameters, both Google Play and Apple’s App Store algorithmically prioritize specific apps in search results (ratings, tags, screenshots, app title, download data etc.). App store optimization, unlike SEO (which largely focuses on Google), is not a one-size-fits-all game.

When it comes to app store optimization, your app’s title is the most essential ranking factor. If you’re making a train time-checking app, it’s best to utilize the phrase “train time checker” in the title.

Social links, like traditional SEO (search engine optimization), are extremely significant, as is the app developer‘s authority. Focus on extensively advertising your app on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and come up with creative strategies to encourage genuine social sharing.

Facebook Marketing

When starting Android app marketing for your business, the best

Alternatively, you can always contact b2b ratings and reviews platform to grow and scale your business with ease.

Get More Reviews for Your Apps

Software store optimization relies heavily on reviews, which are also a key role in persuading people to download your app. It’s critical that you figure out how to get people to provide reviews in a natural approach that won’t trigger Google or Apple’s spam filters.

Offering the user something cool in exchange for a review is a win-win situation that seems to work well. Whether it’s free credits or an extended membership, providing the user something worthwhile in exchange for a review is a win-win situation that seems to work well.

Run Mobile Ads

To be honest, I haven’t had much experience with mobile-specific ad networks, but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews. There are hundreds of ad networks out there now, so sorting the excellent from the poor can be difficult, but iAds, AdMob, and Mojiva tend to get a lot of positive coverage.

Promote Through Official Website

Because there are just a few sites (app stores, app magazines, etc.) where you may contact people interested in installing your app, mobile app marketing is difficult. Creating a microsite, on the other hand, brings up a slew of new marketing options.
You could create a microsite and do some SEO around it if you’ve established an app that sells concert tickets in London. If you were to rank #1 for “London concert tickets,” you’d get about 8,100 users per month searching for “London concert tickets” to download your app.

Reddit, Quora, and niche networks

Advertising on Reddit is very cheap. Experiment with advertising or contributing to specialized social media sites like Reddit and Quora. You can also run your advertisements on particular websites that support Google Ads through Google’s display network. When done correctly, this can be extremely effective. If you have a financial services app, for example, you can advertise on The FT or Forbes, which not only provides hyper-relevant traffic but also gives your app legitimacy.


These are all the Android app marketing tips that you should know about. If you are looking for Android app marketers that can help you create your business app within budget, then start exploring these app marketers on, b2b ratings and reviews platform., the best b2b ratings platform allows users to easily find IT service providers for their business. Business users seeking development and design experts can search for the relevant category and find experts related by filtering through their pay rates, locations, interests, and industries.

Get started today and find top talent for your mobile app marketing needs.

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