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Find a few of the highest-paying careers in Canada

Canada has various high-paying industries. Usually, they are IT, healthcare, and finance sectors, but the Maple country possesses oil and gas, construction, and mining industries as well. Let us discuss some of the careers in Canada in Maple country. 

Only pay scale could not be the deciding factor while applying for a job; there are others too, such as work-life balance, an inclusive work environment, etc

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Utility Manager

What is the job?

Natural gas, electrical power, and water come under utilities. Distribution systems, plants, and facilities that handle these resources are managed by a utility manager. A person should have a wide and updated knowledge base in the sector to become a utility manager.

How to become a utility manager, and what is the pay scale?

The most reliable way to enter this field is to get a relevant degree, such as electrical engineering. Gain experience in the field and make your way to the supervisory position and then the manager.

Around $114,000 is the median salary for a utility manager in the country.

Nurse Practitioner

What is the job?

This job needs a detailed knowledge of medical care. Nurse practitioners get training in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of a patient. Due to the shortage of professionals in the field and high demand, especially during this pandemic, nurse-practising jobs will pay you well.

How to become a nurse practitioner, and what is the pay scale?

It’s quite a journey before a high-paying job. A person needs to have a master’s degree in nursing and further a dedicated course if they want to specialize in a certain area. Some provinces in Canada might demand you to register with an authority before practising in the region

Around $104,000 is the median salary for a nurse practitioner in Canada

Physician or Doctor

What is the job?

A physician has to diagnose and treat a patient with any physical or mental illness. They are also termed, General practitioners/doctors. Just like nurses, there is a shortage of physicians, too, and that makes it one of the highest-paying jobs.

How to be one, and what is the pay?

An individual who had completed their degree in medicine and has a certification from either of the institutions, College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), can become a physician. Further, they also need to register with the medical authority board in the region where they are practising.

A physician gets a median salary of around $150,000 in Canada.


What is the job?

The primary job of a dentist is to take care of your mouth (oral health). They take care of medicines and minor surgeries related to teeth and mouth.

How to be one and what is the pay?

An aspirant has to complete at least one year of pre-dentistry that could last up to 4 years. Then get a degree from a dental program. Like physicians, you might also have to get authorization while practicing in a province or territory.

Dentists in Canada make up to $93,600 (median salary).

Mining Supervisor

What is the job?

Mining supervisors are experts who oversee the extraction process, whether it’s for coal, minerals, or ore. They may be required to run complex heavy machinery and do administrative responsibilities in addition to being responsible for the safety of workers. It is good for your careers in Canada

How to become a mining supervisor, and what is the salary?

Depending on the path you pursue, little formal schooling may be required to enter this field. However, other positions, such as engineering, require a bachelor’s degree. You’ll need some experience, and you’ll have to work your way through the ranks over a number of years.

Mining supervisors get a median salary of $82,200 in Canada.


What is the job?

Engineering jobs are always in high demand because of their ability to solve problems using science, math, and technology. Engineers are involved in all stages of a project, from design to construction, and there are various distinct engineering specialities in which you might specialize. This is almost all the time one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada due to their skill set. 

How to be one and what is the pay?

An aspirant of this field has to do a 4-years bachelor’s degree programme in engineering, science, or technology. You’ll also need four years of job experience in an engineering profession to get your registration to work in a province or territory.

Engineers get a median salary of $106,000 in Canada.

Statistician or Actuary

What is the job? 

For their clients, statisticians (also known as data scientists) collect and interpret data. A statistician who specializes in the insurance industry is known as an actuary. Both employ mathematical and statistical models to calculate the likelihood of future events. Also makes the careers in Canada.

How to be one, and what is the pay?

You’ll almost always need a degree in mathematics, statistics, or a closely related discipline due to the extremely mathematical nature of these occupations. A few specific employers prefer applicants who have earned a master’s degree. You’ll require professional accreditation from the Canadian Institute of Actuaries to work as an actuary.

The median salary for the profession is $87,000.

Construction Manager

What is the job?

The construction manager is the last job on our list of the best-paying occupations in careers in Canada. As you may assume, this job entails overseeing construction projects. It’s a diverse profession that necessitates organization, budgeting expertise, and industry experience.

How to be one, and what is the pay?

In most cases, a suitable degree, such as construction technology or civil engineering, is required. However, like with most managerial positions, experience is the most important factor in achieving success in this sector.

In Canada, the average compensation for a construction manager is $83,000.

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