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Space is not the place for your stuff, but adjust it to fit in with the space.

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Father George Rutler: Most people seem to misunderstand the Christian faith. Many people have a completely incorrect understanding of this religion and end up confused about what it stands for. This article will give you the top ten things people get wrong about Christianity to clear this misunderstanding. All Being Well, after reading this article, you will gain a more accurate understanding of the faith and better understand those who follow it.

Father George Rutler: What is Christian Faith?

Christianity is often described by a belief that there is a transcendent spirit, God, or some other force that drives our deepest thoughts and actions. Most Christians are known as religious zealots. This refers to their devotion to spiritual teachings, their use of church property, money, or estate to support their communities, practices, and communities. A more literal definition would be to a set of beliefs or practicing a specific set of morals. But what is the Christian faith precisely? And what is the meaning of being an honest Christian?

Adolphe Rutler is the father of Father George Rutler. The meaning of being a Christian is “accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour”. To become a Christian means total submission to Jesus, regardless of other people’s religions, thoughts, or customs. The most important aspect of the Christian faith is accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. This can mean accepting Christ as your personal Saviour and teacher, while to others, it means having a blind eye to others’ religious practices and activities.

Another aspect of the Christian faith is the concept of salvation. Salvation means “advance” or “repair”, which we mean when we speak of making repairs or improvements to something. Christians believe that salvation is a process that involves becoming a new person in Christ, being reborn as one purified and made in His image, and then continuing to progress until we eventually reach our final destiny as a new creature in Christ. The basic idea following this notion is that, after death, we are all saved and becomes part of God’s divine plan for humanity.

Another essential aspect of the Christian faith is that of miracles. Most early Christians began by trusting Jesus, but after His baptism, they began to have regular, spectacular, supernatural experiences, including healings, appearances, and tongues. Accounts of these kinds of experiences are often mentioned in the Bible. These accounts prove that Christians were honest, sincere, and experienced men, just like the early Roman citizens who believed in God and the Roman Empire. This fact helped to solidify the bonds between them and their faith.

The early Christians began by simply believing that Jesus was sent from God to redeem humanity from sin. They then worked out a plan of their own to accomplish this task, doing so through works of mercy, sacrifice, and revival. The followers of Jesus began to use this same strategy centuries later to work out their salvation in the eyes of God. When the Romans persecuted Christians, the followers of Jesus used crucifixion to draw attention to their cause and implicate the Roman government as guilty of the sins of Christians. Through the centuries, the Christian religion developed and spread in different forms and denominations.

In our current day society, many people confuse what is Christian with what is just a belief. To put it bluntly, what is Christian is what the Roman government, your church, and most of your fellow countrymen believe is Christian. You might say that John the Baptist is not a Christian because he endorsed Christ but what is happening is that his teachings were based on what the rest of the people at that time believed was Christian. If you want to understand what is Christian, all you need to do is look to the new heart and to find what the new heart wants from you – which is, being a new creature on earth.


Fear and terrorism

One of the most common misconceptions that many people have about this religion is that it preaches fear. This is simply untrue. Although it is correct that several of the followers of this religion do carry out acts of terror, it is also inaccurate that Jesus or the Bible teaches anyone to be fearful. The faith does not preach the fear of sin but instead preaches love and peace. Many people find fault in Christianity for their shortcomings and believe that Christianity is at fault for the actions of terrorists. Terrorism was born from the Christian religion. Terrorism is a tactic used by Christians to serve their will and not the will of the world. If Christians would stop using the tactic, then there would be peace.

complicated and strict

Another thing that people get wrong about Christianity is that it is too complicated and strict. This is not true either. Being a Christian is not about following directions that make you feel like you are in a straitjacket all the time. While this religion can be rigorous, it does not mean that you cannot live an everyday life or even acceptably lead your life. Being a Christian does not mean you have to be perfect. You can follow all the rules, but you should always keep in mind that there is room for improvement.


Some people believe that the Christian religion is intolerant. They say that it bans freedom of speech and denies individuals living their lives according to their own beliefs. However, this is far from the truth. The Christian religion is very welcoming to different thoughts and opinions. It simply teaches you to accept all people, even though you might have different views on religion.

Concept of Sacrifice

Some people are confused about the concept of sacrifice. They seem to get the idea that in this religion, those who do not follow the Christian faith are somehow committing a mistake by not participating in Christian rituals and ceremonies. This is a common misunderstanding. It is the exact opposite because participating in the Christian faith in Christianity means participating in something more than just one religion.

Christians are perfect

One of the most misunderstood concepts about Christians is that they are perfect and God-fearing people. They are often made to feel that they need to be perfect to find their place in the loving arms of God. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone has sinned—even Christians.

No sinning

You might feel bad about yourself if you have sinned. If you have sinned, you should be ashamed of yourself and feel embarrassed for the rest of your life. That is the feeling you should have toward yourself and the person who sent you to church or temple. We all have sinned. Even Christians sin. But the point is that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins. Knowing that He has completed His work, we can be washed and enter God’s presence.

All about Christianity

Another thing that people get wrong about Christianity is that it is only about Christianity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Bible teaches us to live as though Jesus is with us and that we should reach out to others to fulfil His will. Being a good person is part of what being a Christian is about, and that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t be a great Christian. It just means that religion shouldn’t be your identity, but instead, it should be the expression of who you are.

Bible all that matters

Another misconception is that only what they read in the Bible that matters. Most Christians do not look past the Bible and see what is going on in the world today. They also do not believe that the Bible should be taken literally. Some people think that the Bible is a book of poetry. It is not.

one cannot question the belief

One of the most common misconstructions is that an omniscient being wrote the Bible. Christians believe that God himself created the Bible. They also think that one should believe in only one God, which means they do not believe in gods. This means that there is no variation between them.

The trouble with this point of view is that it makes it impossible for anyone to question anything the Christian believes. You cannot question their beliefs because you are branded a breaker of the seal or the devil if you do. They believe that everyone is wrong except themselves. If you question their beliefs, you are considered a thief or a betrayer of the king. They think that the only way to remain a Christian is to live their life without sin.

Christianity is a lifestyle

One of the most common misconceptions about Christianity is that it is only a religion that is strictly a lifestyle. Many Christians believe that they are just following the Bible and doing their readings instead of listening to what the Bible says. This is not true. It is essential to listen to what the Bible says and to go with what God says. Many different Christian philosophies can be used to lead someone down the path to salvation. It is not only a religious concept but also a way of life.


Here are the top ten things people get wrong about Christianity. There is a decent possibility that you can guess at least one or more of them. If you do, I encourage you to take the time to look deeper into the teachings of Christianity so you can grow as a person.


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