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Fashion strollers: tips for trendy mothers

Each is characterized by its own style. If a mum and a dad are creative people and lovers of fashion already in everyday life, this predisposition will also be reflected in the choice of the stroller, while they are waiting for their baby. What the walking brands know that, in recent years, have always tried to reconcile – some more, some less – this need within their collections. This is how fashion and creative strollers were born, those that follow fashions and tastes of the moment, often entrusted, in the design concept, to famous designers.

A way for parents to remain true to themselves and their interests and for companies to enrich their proposals with original products and limited editions.

How to choose a fashion strollers?

What are the main features you need to look for in a trendy and stylish stroller? Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing.


In first place is the type that you are going to choose: lightweight strollersduo pushchairs or triotwin strollers. You have to opt for one or the other based on your philosophy of life, but also on the circumstances.

If you are a very dynamic parent, often traveling for work or leisure and large users of public transport, it is better to prefer a light and compact stroller, which can be easily closed with one hand and can also, if necessary, enter the overhead bin. of an airplane. But if with the first ultrasound scans, it turns out that there is not just one baby on the way but two, then the choice of the twin stroller is almost obligatory.

Most parents, however, favor the versatility of duo and trio strollers, also for the taste – let’s face it – of pushing an elegant pram, perhaps in the style of the 1950s, emulating royal families or movie stars of the past in their heads. . In 2013, as a tribute to the birth of the Royal Baby George Alexander Louis, the first child of the future Kings William of England and Kate Middleton, Inglesina revised her Classica, the queen of chic and vintage prams, dressing it in the colors of the English flag: she was born, thus, Inglesina Classica Tribute to Union Jack.

Today, however, everyone’s eyes are focused above all on the influencers and the question that is already circulating is: which stroller will the most glamorous mother in Italy, Chiara Ferragni, choose for her upcoming daughter? More than one, probably, as already done with the first-born Leone, when she was immortalized on the streets of Los Angeles with the Bugaboo Bee 5 and posted, on her Instagram profile, a photo of her with the Cybex by Jeremy Scott wheelchair, presented from the brand to Milan Fashion Week 2018.

Fabrics and colors

These are the components to be taken into greater consideration, together with the overall design of the stroller.
Colors, textures, prints, and fabrics that best express personality: strollers with elegant lines and nuances, strollers with a modern design and bright shades, or strollers with a sturdy structure and sporty attitude.

In most of them, it is the seat and the canopy that make the difference, also because some brands
provide for the choice of these components independently and interchangeably, for maximum customization.
In some cases, you can “customize” the stroller according to your preferences,
choosing in addition to the colors of the seat and canopy, even those of the frame, wheels, and accessories.
One thing that parents like a lot because it allows them to vary the colors,
for example, of the seat and canopy, coordinating them or not, and transforming the same stroller in an always different way.

The reversible seat has also been gaining momentum in recent times, which –
in addition to having thermoregulatory fabrics, on the one hand, suitable for winter and
on the other for summer – also has different patterns. To be able to indulge yourself more.

Limited Edition and co-branding strollers

The limited or special editions deserve a separate chapter, exclusive collections that cover
well-known products, available in a few copies, whether or not characterized by ventures with famous designers, such as Jeremy Scott who,
as we have seen, has “dressed” the Cybex strollers. or Jayson Atienza who, instead, dedicated himself to Stokke strollers.

But also the co-branding operations with famous brands belonging to sectors other than
those of walking, for example, cars or motorcycles (Mini, Ferrari or Vespa) deserve attention. One of the most recent examples is precisely what Inglesina and Vespa see together in Inglesina Quid for Vespa. This is another piece that identifies the strong passions of the parents.

Over time, however, many brands have also addressed their limited editions on specific
themes such as art (paying homage to the works of Warhol or van Gogh ) or, again, they have
designed their flagship models inspired by design, for example, the philosophy of the German Bauhaus movement. In short, it would be appropriate to say: tell me what you like and I’ll tell you which stroller to choose.


We close these tips with a little parenthesis on stroller accessories and, in particular,
given that we are talking about fashion strollers, on changing bags, which now present themselves
as real fashion accessories. 

Elegant, classic, and with soft colors or sporty, practical, and bright colors are one of the
components that mothers look at most carefully when choosing the duo or trio stroller. There really is something for all tastes: shoppershoulder bagbackpack, or even a mix of the latter two.

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