Eye makeup: tips and tricks

It’s not always easy to know how to properly eye make up your eyes to enhance them. Make-up for blue, green, brown eyes, perfect eyeliner or smoky-eyes. Here is everything you need to know to become a pro.

To easily apply eye makeup, all you need to do is know the right actions and do them at home. The smoky will have no more secrets for you as well as the eyeliner technique. If you wear glasses and you never know how to apply makeup to enhance your look, follow our tips.

How to apply eye makeup?

Makeup is an art that enhances any face. One of the most important elements in makeup is the work of eye shadows. But it is not always easy to tame. To help you, here is a tutorial video on how to apply eye makeup. 

How to make up blue eyes?

Fragile and delicate, blue eyes are an asset that many women dream of having. Yes, but there you go. If they can afford almost anything when it comes to makeup, be careful with the lack of taste.

The right color for my blue eyes

Blue eyes can be adorned with a multitude of colors. The desired effect guides the choice. To bring out the blue in the eyes, nothing like a complementary color as an eye shadow. An orange blush applied to the mobile eyelid and embellished with a line of brown pencil ensures a sustained look. To lighten blue eyes, we opt for dark shades that create contrast: gray, black, purple or even brown, it’s all in the dosage.

Choosing a mascara for my blue eyes

Blue eyes can afford many shades. This also applies to mascara. However, avoid blue mascaras which do not enhance the eyes. To intensify the look, brown and black are wise choices.

Smokey eyes for blue eyes

Bet on contrasts with dark shades intensified on the outer corner of the eye. With a finger or a brush, we create a gradient from the inside to the outside of the eyelid.

How to make up brown eyes?

From black brown to green brown through hazelnut, there are many shades of brown. Gone are the days when brown eyes were embellished with brown eye makeup. We break the codes and we dare the warmer shades: grays, black, purples, but also bronze, copper or gold, brown eyes dress in warmth and gluttony. Red eyeshadow looks much better for brown eyes. Conversely, other shades should be banned from the make-up bag, such as green or silver which will have the effect of cooling the eyes or even pastel colors which leave an impression of blandness.

Smokey eyes for brown eyes

Once again, dare gold, iridescent tones, copper or black, more classic. To give brown eyes even more depth, eyeliner, kohl and volume mascara are great assets. We start by drawing the eyelashes in pencil, then embellish with a touch of copper or purple eye makeup. Intense gaze assured!

How to make up green eyes?

The eyes’ greens are less common than blue eyes or brown. To sublimate your look, you have to choose the right colors of eye makeup and eyeliner. The complementary color of green being red, all the tones of this shade will awaken the irises of the green eyes.

To make green eyes stand out, go for complementary colors. The face is a canvas on which the chromatic circle is applied! The enhancement of green eyes is done with pink, plum, purple, copper, icy brown eye makeup … All the colors related directly or indirectly to red, a complementary color to green. Be careful, no real red on the eyes! We also forget the gray that extinguishes the gaze. Green eye makeup can be alternately soft and natural opting for pink and brown, greedy with copper tones or sexy with a bold plum color. Most? A line of burgundy eyeliner that perfectly emphasizes green eyes.

How to apply eyeliner?

It is not always easy to master eyeliner, but not impossible. You just need to learn the technique and do the right thing. With practice, you will get there easily!

Here is a step by step video to apply the eyeliner correctly:

Smoky eyes, step by step

Make-up chic, sexy and mysterious at the same time, the smoky-eyes have become one of the essential make-up techniques for a few years now. To adopt day and night, this new makeup trend which consists of surrounding the eye with a halo of dark and degraded colors, gives the eyes a guaranteed smoky effect, while supporting the look for the most attractive eyes.

The black Smokey-eyes are undoubtedly the most emblematic and known to all, yet in recent months we have seen more colorful smokey eyes, especially on the catwalks of the big houses. From plum to blue passing through gold, its bright colors illuminate the eye.

How to apply eye makeup when wearing glasses?

Glasses have become real fashion accessories in the same way as a jewel that sublimates the look. No question of depriving yourself of makeup, provided you stay in the right tone. As a general rule, if you wear corrective lenses, it is because you have trouble seeing. The best, therefore, is to adopt a quick and effective make-up to be sure not to miss: “I advise the wearers of glasses to use two colors to apply on the finger. A dark shade for the mobile eyelid and one. Lighter shade on the fixed eyelid with special emphasis on the brow bone “.

Products and textures to avoid

There is no real prohibition because makeup is also a matter of personal taste. However, for your visual comfort, avoid loose powder or pearlescent eye makeups which are volatile and which deposit on the glasses during the day. “Also prefer kohl over eyeliner which is easier to use. Finally, if you wear a thin or invisible frame, accentuate your makeup. Conversely, if your frame is colored or thick, prefer a discreet make-up.

You are nearsighted (difficulty seeing from a distance)

Glasses tend to make the eye small, so you have to play with makeup to make it bigger. Use luminous shades to brighten up the eyes and a lengthening mascara to create a range of eyelashes that enlarge the eyes. A little tip to avoid streaks on the glasses: go on to apply blush or lipstick before putting your eyelashes back on. This will give the mascara time to dry. 

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