Essential Office Furniture – 5 Key Pieces Every Office Needs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices shut down their physical sites and started operating remotely. Now that a new normal has been established, many offices continue to offer a hybrid model to their employees and thus need an appropriate office space. When decorating your office, you don’t only have to worry about the number of employees and how to accommodate them. You also need essential office furniture that follows health and safety considerations and offers a comfortable and efficient working environment.

This article includes some of the essential office furniture needed to turn your average space into a practical and productive one.

5 Pieces of Furniture That Every Office Needs

Desks and Chairs

Desks and chairs are basic office furniture but are the most important. Your employees will spend most of their time sitting on their desks and chairs; thus, you should prioritize their space and comfort.

You need to consider the type of work your employee does when choosing desks for your office. For instance, place the desk near electrical outlets if it’s mostly computer work. In contrast, if it’s paperwork, you need a spacious desk where employees can easily move stuff around and prevent a chaotic environment.

Next, you need to invest in ergonomic chairs. Your chairs should provide adequate support to prevent long-term health problems and should be alterable so everyone can adjust them to their preference.

Storage Space

If you don’t like clutter around your house, you wouldn’t be a fan of it in your office. Even though most offices are turning digital, storing essential documents in the cloud, a vast amount of paperwork is still regulated in an office daily. Instead of letting these documents clutter your office space and give it an untidy look, invest in storage spaces.

The storage space you choose depends on the type of work, the documents that need to be stored, and personal storage needs. It’s better to invest in storage under desks or shelves to hide them from view.

Communal Desks

Another must-have office furniture is communal desks. Every office needs a collaborative working space, especially those with cubicle-style seating arrangements. A communal space helps improve team productivity and offers open conversation where seniors and juniors can bounce ideas off each other. For such an environment, you need conference-style tables and chairs that offer maximum leg space and are easy to maneuver.

Cafeteria Furniture

Every office doesn’t need a cafeteria space but having one offers your employees a great space to relax and unwind and take their minds off projects and deadlines. Moreover, your office furniture for the cafeteria doesn’t need to be fancy; just invest in stacking or nested chairs, simple desks, storage spaces, a water boiler, and a microwave, and you are set.


Smartboards are another must-have office furniture. Smartboards are an upgraded version of dry-erase boards. Rather than worrying about losing markers and erasers, the touchscreen technology of smartboards acts as giant wall tablets. You can use these in meetings for visualizing projects, brainstorming, strategy planning, etc.


Aside from these critical pieces of office furniture, you should get a reception desk and guest chairs for the lounge or living space. Your office furniture makes a great impression on your employees and makes the space decluttered and sophisticated. Choose the right furniture for your office to ensure it looks appealing and functions optimally.


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