Enter the online food delivery sector with the Grubhub Clone app and boost sales

Grubhub is a food ordering platform that enables users to order food from anywhere in the city. It was founded by Michael Evans and Matt Maloney in 2004, It has more than 14 million users and 80,000 partnered restaurants and It is operated in 1600 cities across the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a successful startup that gained immense popularity. In 2017, Grubhub’s revenue generation was 68.32 crores USD and it increased to 131 crores USD in 2019. Approximately, it generated 1.8 billion USD in 2020. Thus, this proves to be a successful venture as it generated huge revenue.

The online food delivery model consists of two segments, namely Customers and Restaurants. This model benefits both the app owners and restaurants. This would be a highly successful business idea that anyone could aspire to start.

What makes Grubhub different from other food delivery services?

It would be essential to have Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) while developing a Grubhub Clone app development. This will make your food delivery business stand apart from the competitors. Let’s see how Grubhub is different from other food delivery apps.

Undoubtedly, Grubhub holds a good position in the market even though big players like Amazon and Uber entered the online food delivery segment. The major reason behind Grubhub is its user-friendly application with exciting features. On average, it processes nearly 2,34,700 orders per day on a regular basis. Notably, it has expanded its operations in many cities. For instance, it is operated in over 900 cities in the United States. Worldwide, it has marked its presence in more than 1600 cities in the UK and the USA. It has partnered with more than 80000 restaurants. Out of which, 35000 partnered restaurants were in the United States. Moreover, Grubhub has experience in managing other food delivery brands like Seamless, Menu Pages, and All Menus.

What are the two segments of Grubhub which you could consider during food delivery app development? 

As mentioned before, Grubhub operates with two segments currently. One segment is the User app and the other one is the Restaurant app. It might change in the coming years depending on the changing business model to sustain the ever-changing market. Grubhub is useful for users who do not like to go out for dining. The working people order food when they forget to pack lunch due to any reason. Some people do not like to cook during the weekends. It is bliss for people who wish food to be delivered to their home.

Some restaurants offer good quality food, but they do not get a large customer base because they lack brand awareness. Food delivery apps like Grubhub become a solution for their problems. Upon registering their restaurant name with the app, they gain visibility and as a result, they generate a considerable amount. Restaurants that do not own delivery people and don’t have any marketing strategies get benefits from the app.

Business model to think about during the development of the Grubhub Clone app

Grubhub aims to provide a seamless food ordering experience to the customers and quick delivery. Using the app, customers can place an order with a few taps. As soon as the restaurant prepares and packs the order, the delivery executive will collect the order and deliver it to the customers.  The entire process became simple with the help of the app, which is built using the latest technology. This app connects restaurants, customers, and delivery executives. This business model not only serves the customers but also became a helping hand for restaurants to grab larger customers.

Key Takeaways from Grubhub that you could consider

The tremendous success behind Grubhub is its business model and monetization strategy. At the initial stage, it does not get funding from the investors. So, they went to San Francisco and collected menus from almost all the restaurants. Then, it started to partner with restaurants and listed the restaurant names in the app. Undoubtedly, the hard work of Matt and Michael paid off. Apart from these, Grubhub provides deals, offers, coupons, promo codes, or discounts on some occasions. It encourages them to order more when compared to the previous orders. This way, you gain potential customers.

Allow your customers to give feedback on the quality of the food and delivery executive who delivered the order. Restaurants that got good ratings will be at the top slot in the app. This helps other customers to prefer the best quality restaurants. This app facilitates the customers to determine the average amount they want to place an order in a particular restaurant as they can decide from which restaurant to order the food items. The app offers both delivery and picks up options for the customers. For example, they can opt for home delivery or can reach the restaurant and collect the packed food items.

Grubhub Clone app development

Now, you get valuable information about Grubhub and how it is maintaining its position in the online food delivery sector. As this sector is booming, it is a good opportunity to launch a similar ordering & delivery app like Grubhub. When we talk about app development, there are two possible approaches to opt for. One approach is developing a food delivery app from the ground and the other approach is choosing the Grubhub Clone app.

The second approach is widely preferred by most entrepreneurs as the clone app is a white-label, customizable, and scalable solution that empowers them to start a venture in no time. Let’s have a glance at the significant features included in the Grubhub Clone app.

  • Upon installing the app, customers have to set up their profile by providing details such as delivery location, email address, phone number, and so on.
  • The app sends an alert message regarding the order status to the customers.
  • As the food delivery app is integrated with multiple payment gateways, customers can pay through any one of the available options of their choice.
  • The advanced search option will let the customers search particular restaurants from a wide range of restaurants listed in the app. They can even search for food items & cuisines by applying a filter.
  • The Earning feature lets the delivery executive view and download their earnings report.
  • The real-time location tracker feature allows the customers to keep a movement of the delivery executive upon acceptance of the request.
  • The promo codes offered will help to boost sales.
  • The food items that have been chosen by the customers will be added to the cart. This makes the checkout process simple.
  • Multilingual support enables the customers to change the language of the app according to their choice.
  • Using the takeaway feature, customers can get their orders straight from the restaurants.
Summing up

There are many food ordering & delivery apps available in the market. Among these, Grubhub has seized the industry by partnering with a wide range of restaurants. Hope, this inspires you to plunge into the online food delivery segment with a mobile app. If so, then why wait? It’s time to join hands with a mobile app development company and get a Grubhub Clone app that suits your business requirements.

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