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Emergency Contraceptives

 Emergency Contraceptives

The use of emergency contraception has saved a lot of women from unplanned pregnancies,
but it has bred a generation of people who are not careful about unprotected sexual encounters simply because they can use the emergency pill.

For women who have been raped, this emergency pill helps a lot if taken immediately after the rape. Katienicholl

This drug prevents the implantation and fertilization of the egg. The effectiveness of the pill varies, depending on the menstrual cycle of the woman and the time within which the pill is taken emergency pill.

It’s not a homemade pill; Need to find a cure and go to the doctor first. This is in stark contrast to what most people do in areas where there is self-medication.

These pills should be taken after consulting your doctor because many cannot take them. Heart problems can get worse if done too often.

This can cause the mother to miss the expected period and interfere with menstruation. Emergency prevention methods

Another misconception seen by consumers is that it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, especially HIV This method of prevention does not prevent the entry of the virus into the woman’s body.

For the very first time users may experience nausea and vomiting due to lack of hormones in the body.

As a result, mothers become pregnant if they take the usual approach to family planning. Contraceptives should not be used more than four times a year.

It has a 98% effectiveness when taken in the first 12 hours.

The use of emergency contraceptives saves many women from miscarriages.
But it has raised a generation of people who are unaware of unprotected sex because they can use emergency pills.

This drug inhibits the growth and fertilization of eggs. The effect of birth control pills depends on the woman’s menstrual cycle and the timing of the birth control pills.

It’s not a home pill. “You have to take medicine and see a doctor first. It’s very different from what most people do about self-care.

Heart problems can get worse if done too often.

This can cause the mother to lose weight over a long period of time and interfere with menstruation. Methods for emergency prevention

It is not a self-medicated pill; one should have a doctor’s prescription and consultation first. This is unlike what happens on the ground as most people self-medicate on the pills.

They may cause the woman to miss the menstrual period she had been expecting and generally disrupt her cycle. Emergency Contraceptives

Another misconception that users seem to have is that this is no shield against STDs and more particularly the AIDS virus. This contraception will not prevent the virus from getting into a woman’s body.

A first-time user can experience nausea and vomiting because of the imbalance of the hormones in her body.

Therefore, a woman will still fall pregnant if she takes them as regular contraception. One cannot take this contraceptive more than 4 times a pregnant  year

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