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Effective Ways to Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

Small areas are the trickiest to design. If you integrate lots of furniture, it will look cramped and cluttered in just a second. If you have a small space, you should understand and find the balance between space and stuff. This means that you should have big bags to store lots of things, a spacious room to place these bags, and a little space where you can show your creativity.

If you are one of those living in apartments or areas with small spaces, we got you covered. We will provide you with some practical tips that could help you make your small rooms look more presentable and spacious. This post will give you more ideas.

Pick Furniture with Double Uses

The first tip you can get from us is to buy furniture that has dual purposes. This is the most effective tip of all as it saves lots of space. For example, placing a side chair closer to your sofa is far way better than putting an end table. By doing so, the side chair can be used as additional seating for your visitors. Another example, consider using a bench with hidden storage rather than a coffee table. Through that, the bench will serve as storage, seating, and a table. Aside from that, it would be great if you will consider sofa beds and other convertible furniture.

Consider Investing in a Vintage Ladder

Well, vintage ladders are a good investment, but you don’t need to spend a lot. There are several inexpensive vintage ladders from flea stores or vintage markets. This furniture is perfect for displaying and holding jewelry, towels, shoes, blankets, and other things.

Take Advantage of the Doors

It would be a great idea if you will hang some hooks at the back of the doors. This enables you to hang anything, such as handbags, towels, jewelry, and even cleaning utensils. Aside from the doors that close your room, you can also do the same with your cabinet doors for additional space.

Take Advantage of the Awkward Spaces

If you have awkward nooks and spaces, you can fill them with a customized shelf. This furniture does not need to be expensive. In fact, you can do it by yourself using your creativity. This also works in corners where big furniture doesn’t look good or a very plain wall.

Skirted Furniture is an On-The-Go Choice

Skirted furniture is a perfect addition to your small space. Aside from being decorative, you can also use it in hiding things. If your sofa has exposed legs, you cannot store anything under it. But, if you will place a skirt over it, you can now have extra hidden space. Sofa with exposed legs can make the area airier and lighter. Aside from that, it also makes small spaces feel more spacious. But, if you are searching for additional storage, investing in skirted furniture is a wise move. Also, consider adding curtains to your room. In terms of curtains, you can shop made to measure curtains here. 

Make Use of the Wall Space

Walls are the number one resource untapped by every homeowner. Yes, they can be used in hanging picture frames. But, if your space is relatively small, you would love to use walls the most out of it. You may consider installing hooks onto your wall where you can place your bike. If you love plants, you may hang a living wall planter where you can show off your plants without using your floor space or any table.

Lastly, you can also use walls to hang up your clothes. If you want to boast your luxurious garments, such as coats, skirts, and dresses, you can hang them on the wall. By doing so, you are saving more room in your cabinet. There is no reason to hide these clothes, especially if you know they will speak your life status.


Living in tiny spaces does not mean you cannot show off your creativity. What’s make a living in small apartments amazing? It is because you give importance to every inch of your space. Whether you live in a 400 square feet area, you can make some things to make out of these tiny spaces.



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