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Health & Fitness

Easy & Effective Ways to Deal with Insomnia, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety

Panic Attacks, and Anxiety

Earlier mental health issues such as anxiety and panic attacks were not acknowledged as a problem and insomnia were not even registered as something that needs to be addressed or treated.

But we have come a long way from that time and now there are many different types of studies going on the functioning of our brain and our bodies so with time we are becoming more informed and aware about the various ways our brain and our bodies can be suffering without our conscious mind being aware of it.

But now we understand anxiety and panic attacks better, we know that insomnia is not healthy and we can do something about it instead of wishing it to pass away on its own.

Here are some easy and effective ideas to try out to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia in a better way.

Indulge in Activities that Promote Deep Breathing

There are many different techniques for practising deep breathing, some of them are easy enough to pick up from a book or a video. Deep breathing exercises are often accompanied by medication, which is another way to control anxiety and panic attacks.

When a person breaths deeply, he or she slows down their heart rate, now when a person is experiencing a panic attack or going through anxiety, their heart rate seems to get faster very quickly even if no clear danger is in sight.

Practising deep breathing exercises helps in bringing down your resting heart rate thus saving your heart from that accelerated beating when you feel anxious. When you are having a panic attack or feeling extremely anxious, your heart rate may still go up, but it will be closer to your resting rate.

People who want a remedy for insomnia will also benefit from deep breathing exercises as lower heart rates before and while sleeping promote better sleep quality.

Medications that are often prescribed for the treatment of Etizest and Etilaam also calm down your nerves which brings down your resting heart rate down and makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Walk for a while or jog slowly if you can

When you are anxious and having a panic attack your body and brain are under the assumption that there is some danger lurking around. This self-preserving mode of our brain produces a fight-or-flight response in your body which scares you and often shows physical effects such as inability to breathe or a desire to run away or escape from the place as fast as you can.

That’s the flight-or-fight response for you, now this made sense when we were hunters and gatherers and lived in caves in fear of wild animals. We could throw stones and fight, or run away to our group but in this modern world, we cannot do such things.

Let’s say you are at work and you started feeling anxious, your brain’s itching for some fight or flight response, here you can do a few things. Let’s talk about flight first, get up and walk away from the place, just walk up to the bathroom or coffee shop. Put some distance between the place and you, which will make your body think that you are now away from danger.

If the option of walking away from the place is not available, then invest in a stress ball in which you sit and crush.

These will definitely help in easing out the symptoms of your anxiety as well as your panic attacks.

Going for a walk after having your dinner helps in getting better sleep at night as well.

Use some Music to calm yourself down and feel at peace

Thanks to the various gadgets we have, we have to freedom to listen to any time of music that we want without disturbing anyone around us.

This one needs some pre-planning for sure, have a calm and relaxing playlist stored in your phone or any other device which you can access whenever you need it.

If you want songs with lyrics, then select calming ones, but soft instrumental music works best. Try out some music first and choose the ones that you find soothing and relaxing.

Try shuffling or changing this playlist after 15 days, as once the brain gets too familiar with the music, you will have fewer effects on your body.

Having a piece of calming and relaxing music as a part of your nighttime routine will also work for making your body ready for getting some good sleep.

Have a support system or support circle of people whom you can rely on for help and support

They can be your friends, your family, or your partner, or even your therapist or counsellors, make sure that you tell these people beforehand that you may call them in case of an emergency related to your anxiety such as a panic attack.

Have more than 2 or 3 people on the list so that if one of them is unavailable, you can talk to someone else.

These are just a few ways to have some sort of control over anxiety, panic attacks, and even insomnia, if your doctor has prescribed some medication for you such as Etizolam, go out and Etizolam buy for your use and keep these techniques in mind so that you can use them when you need to feel better.

Eating healthy, sleeping well, and dealing with stress in positive ways such as practising art, or gardening are some ways to keep yourself positive and mentally strong. Please don’t let any mental or physical define you, have hope, and make efforts to rise above it. Ask for help if you need it, but always know that you can deal with it, everything is solvable.

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