Drift Hunters MAX – The Ultimate FREE Drifting Game

Video games and cars are two things that seem to go hand in hand. From the early days of Pole Position to the visual spectacles we have now like Forza and Gran Turismo, these experiences have always required some console and an extra purchase for the game itself.

However, the rise of lightning-fast internet and the Unity Engine has given birth to some of the most comprehensive car games available, most of which are hosted on

The premier car game under the Drifted banner is Drift Hunters MAX, the expanded and improved version of the original Drift Hunters and a game that wouldn’t look out of place on a PlayStation or Xbox.

Here are just a few of the features that make Drift Hunters MAX worth your time.

The Best Things in Life are FREE

You won’t need an expensive console or even a gaming PC to play Drift Hunters MAX. The game runs entirely within your web browser of choice, with no extra download required. And this isn’t some watered-down demo version either. Instead, all of the content in the game is entirely open to everybody.

Never Lose Your Progress

Unlike most browser-based games, Drift Hunters MAX has systems to ensure that all of your progress is tracked and maintained. So there is no need to worry about someone closing your browser, losing hours of progress, and all of your unlocked vehicles and tuning. With a free account, you can play at home or abroad and pick up exactly where you left.

Realistic Graphics and Physics

When you first load up Drift Hunters MAX, you might be confused for a moment. Indeed this level of quality isn’t possible in a browser game? But it is, and the developer Ilya Kaminetsky put in a ton of hard work and time to make sure the game looks as good and plays as well as possible. Each car is sharply rendered, and multiple light sources reflect off of the shiny surface of the paint realistically.

That attention to detail carries over to the quality of the physics simulations throughout the game. The cars of Drift Hunters MAX don’t just slide around the environment like a cheap arcade game, and each one has a unique suspension and handling quality that you will need to adjust to for perfect drifts. Make sure those drifts are tight because even the slightest bump on an obstacle will send you spinning.

Awesome Cars and Tracks

Another thing Drift Hunters MAX has going for it is the level of content. The game has 37 awesome cars, all of which are inspired and modelled after real-life sports cars. Additionally, each vehicle can be upgraded and customized in many different ways to make them genuinely feel like your own. Race and drift your perfectly customized vehicles across 12 unique tracks that create plenty of opportunities for amazing drifting action.

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