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Does swimming give a nice body?

If you’ve in doubt about whether swimming gives a nice body – then I can very briefly tell you: it does.

Just look at many of the professional swimmers with lifeguard training near me.

Swimming works like strength training by toning and trimming you as well as building muscle mass. Sometimes actually faster and more effective than you will experience it with strength training.

This is primarily due to the fact that most people who start strength training today at the same time have a bit too high a fat percentage that they should have lost.

Here, swimming is perfect.

Swimming and weight loss go hand in hand. This is primarily due to the fact that swimming is a full body sport where almost all of your muscles are activated simultaneously.

Even if you do not believe it, for example, the abdominal muscles are one of the muscle groups that work most effectively during swimming.

When you activate large parts of your body at the same time, you will lose fat faster and build muscle in the least possible time with lifeguard training near me.

How does swimming change your body?

When it comes to full body training, there is just not really one sport that beats swimming.

The question then is how swimming more accurately changes your body. Let’s take it from head to toe.

Shoulders and arms

In swimming, you will no doubt, at least as a beginner, use your arms a lot. Also much more than the legs. This means that you will most likely see the first changes here. You will be “wider” over the shoulders and especially your triceps you will experience being trained. This is especially good if you want bigger arms. The triceps is the largest muscle in the arm, and contrary to popular belief, you should train the triceps rather than the biceps if you want bigger arms fast. That’s why swimming is good!

Steel abdominal muscles

As already mentioned in the introduction, it can be a bit hard to believe, but in fact you will find that you use your abdominal muscles incredibly much when you swim. It will of course benefit you in the long run and in the work towards the summer sixpack with lifeguard training near me.

Swimming is good for the back

When you exercise your stomach it will automatically be good for your back. But in addition to the mere benefit, you will also find that especially the rotating movements in the upper body during styles such as crawl will improve your back muscles. If you have back problems, or you just want a more marked back and bigger wings, then swimming is for you!

Can you streamline your swimming training?

The above have all sounded like gold and green forests. Granted. However, many may find that the results may take longer than you have the patience to.

Therefore, here are a few good tips on how to streamline your training.

Combine it with arm bends, abdominal bends and angel jump with lifeguard training near me.

It already sounds simple in the headline. It is. Try to combine your swimming training with above-water exercises as indicated in the heading. Then you quickly feel the acid in your arms, stomach or legs and therefore press the muscles harder without you necessarily being out of breath. It can be the problem with swimming that your fitness puts a stop to the training before your muscles have become sufficiently tired, which is why you do not achieve the maximum effect here.

Exercise with accessories / swimming accessories

It might be a little strange, if you are new to swimming, to troop up with a bag of extra gear and swimming accessories. Nevertheless, it is an extremely effective way to train either legs or arms more effectively.

For example, you can buy a pair of boomers which are small / short flippers that make the work for your legs harder, which is why you train them faster. You can replace them with a pair of swimming gloves , to improve the strength of your arms faster and train them harder.

Swimming strengthens the major muscle groups and is good for both fitness and circulation, but it is also good for your joints.

Because swimming is a non-weight-bearing form of exercise, you move the joints without straining them.

“When you swim, you are beyond the weight load of the body and strong shocks through the body, as you know it from running, for example,” says sports physiotherapist Send B. Carstensen.

Exercise in water also gives you the opportunity to move your body and joints in other ways than you are used to, all of which help to train the muscles around the joints and strengthen the joint capsules – without wearing them out.

Weak joints can, in extreme cases, increase your chances of getting arthritis, and in mild cases, it can cause pain and make you prone to injuries such as fractures or sprains with lifeguard training near me.

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Attention to congestion and technique

Although swimming is a gentle form of exercise that rarely causes injury, you still need to train gradually.

“Especially with styles like crawl and butterfly, where the arms are over the head, you have to be careful. It is hard for the shoulder joints to work in such extreme positions, ”says Send B. Carstensen.

And then it is important to work on the right technique if the swimming training is to give the optimal benefit.

“If you have a bad technique, swimming can wear out your body because you pull too much with the wrong muscles.”

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Good supplement
Training in water and the strengthened joints can be a good supplement to all kinds of training.

It gives for many a break in the training to jump a trip in the tub and exercise while you train your fitness.

“Swimming gives a very different impact on the joints, which are strengthened both in and around. It is good supplementary training for all other sports, ”says Send B. Carstensen.

Swimming also strengthens fitness and joints

In addition to swimming being really good for the muscles, and strengthening them a lot, swimming can also be really hard – and thus it improves your fitness. Just swimming back and forth for over 10 minutes can easily get your breathing completely in the air. As a small bonus, swimming is also really good for the joints, as they are largely not loaded in the “weightless” water.

Do you want to strengthen and improve your swimming, as well as strengthen your muscles even more effectively? Then the best tip is to use swimming equipment! See our +200 discounted products here.

Crawl especially trains arms, chest, abdominal muscles, hips and thighs

You have probably tried to swim crawl before, and thus found that it gets pretty hard very quickly. That makes it blah. because you never really take a break from crawling, both legs and arms are running at the same time, you also have your head under the air. These are three things that both help to increase your fitness, but also your muscle training. Therefore, crawl is especially good if you want to strengthen your arms, hips, thighs, chest and abdominal muscles.

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