Do Refurbished iPhones by Apple Last Long?

Apple refurbished iPhones sell like hot cakes. Customers buy them confidently, knowing that Apple has done an outstanding job restoring the phone to its original glory. But, does all that work help in enhancing their lives too? Do refurbished iPhones by Apple last longer than used or even a new iPhone? If you are curious to find out the answers to these questions, read on and find out the answers.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

Let’s first understand what a refurbished iPhone is? A refurbished iPhone is returned to the factory by the buyer during the warranty period. The phone may have developed some errors, and the owner returned it claiming the warranty. The factory inspects the phone, removes the fault, attaches a new warranty, and then offers it for resale.

It is offered for sale at a very lower price than the original iPhone. It is to give the customers an incentive to buy the refurbished phone and promote its usage.

A point to note here is that not all refurbished phones are faulty. Sometimes, the owner returns the phone because he does not “like” it for whatever reason during the “cooling-off” period. The stock models on the Apple outlets are also refurbished before a sale; although they don’t have any technical faults, they require some cosmetic face-lifting.

What is the difference between the iPhone original and refurbished?

Now that we know what a refurbished iPhone is let’s find out the difference between an original iPhone and a refurbished iPhone. By original, we mean here a new one. As Apple performs extensive restoration processes on a refurbished iPhone, it becomes as good as an original one. But, there remains one big difference, and that is its usage. A refurbished iPhone is, after all, a used one; however brief the usage period remains a pre-owned device, whereas an original iPhone is sealed, brands new, and has no previous usage history.

Difference between refurbished iPhone and used iPhone:

A refurbished iPhone, despite being used, is still different from a used iPhone. A used iPhone is usually just reset by the owner before its sale. It does not undergo any extensive restoration exercises. It may or may not have any warranty. And, usually, there is no way to tell how long it will last in the future.

How Apple does refurbishment of its iPhones?

Apple has a dedicated department for carrying out refurbishments on iPhones. Refurbished iPhones are sold separately in Apple outlets and are sold out in no time. Here’s what Apple typically does during the refurbishment.

Full functionality tests:

Apple will test the iPhones in its lab under the supervision of experts. It will see that all the functions are fully optimized and working. It uses custom software for this purpose that gives a complete report about the functions and features of the phone and indicates any malfunctioning instantly.

Repair and replacement:

Once the faults have been identified, the next step is to remove them. If it demands repair, necessary repairs are carried out, and if any replacement is needed, the same is done.

It is pertinent to mention here that the batteries of all the iPhones are replaced during refurbishment irrespective of their condition.

Thorough cleaning:

The phones also get a comprehensive cosmetic revamping. Special cleaning agents duly remove any smudges, smears, or scars. Minor scratches are also taken care of.


Apple will delete the previous operating system and reinstall the latest one if the phone has some system errors. If an update is required, then it will do the same. It takes every bit of care to ensure that it is fully functional.

Erasure of old data:

Another important step in refurbishment is removing the previous owner’s data. It is completely wiped out, and all the original factory settings get restored.

Grading the phone:

Here the iPhone is graded according to its condition in “excellent”, “good”, and “better” types categories. The idea is to give the customers a clear idea of the condition of the iPhones and is priced accordingly, too.

Attaching a new warranty:

Lastly, a new warranty is attached to the refurbished iPhone so that the customers know about the expected life span of the iPhone.

Do refurbished iPhones by Apple last long?

Let’s come back to our main topic now and answer this question. With such elaborate testing and inspection, the iPhone should have a longer life span. Although no scientific data supports this, refurbished iPhone users report a longer life span, at least over the used iPhones. It can be the same when compared with a new or original iPhone as a refurbished phone gets treated twice and passes stringent quality control tests.

Third-party iPhone refurbishments:

Apple refurbishments are always top-notch and high quality. But, a third-party refurbishment can also give you the desired results if it has the requisite material and human resources.

Wise Market New Zealand is a company that carries out iPhone refurbishments in state-of-the-art conditions. It has an elaborate refurbishment ritual that ensures no lag and that the customers get a quality product. It also offers 13 months warranty, a 21-day return policy, free shipment, and an unbeatable price. You can check it out here and see what it has to offer.

You should do is to sell or trade in your iPhone to someone you know

Many of you will find this choice to be an easy one. Quickly and easily close a transaction to sell or trade your current iPhone to someone you know who is interested in purchasing a used or older iPhone. You and the other party are free to bargain over the price and other parameters of the trade-in. If you and the buyer are both interested in a trade, you may finally get your hands on that new iPhone you’ve had your eye on.

There are, however, certain negatives to consider with this choice. To begin, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the best potential price when selling or trading in your old iPhone. Even if you’re hoping to get the best possible buyback price for your old phone, the truth remains that you’re dealing with someone you know, such as a relative or close friend. Unless you have a thick skin or the other party is kind and generous, it would be rude to attempt to maximize your financial gain from the deal.

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