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Difficult Things About Law School Supplies

Are you planning to join a law school soon and you are worried about the supplies that a law school requires? This article will walk you through a few of the things that you require in a law school and clarify the information regarding the difficult things about law school supplies.

No matter from which department of a school you study in there are always certain essentials that you are required to have in order to perform your everyday tasks and assignments. Similarly, there are supplies that you must have if you are in a law school.

You might be familiar with most of these supplies and have used them previously. However, there are certain supplies that you might find new and difficult to use or to keep with you while studying.

Printer & Scanner

A law student requires to print a lot more documents and notes as compared to a student of any other department. This is one of those difficult things about law school supplies that you might need very often. Even if you have access to a printer on campus you might need to have one of your own if you don’t want to spend a large amount of money for your day-to-day printing needs.

External Hard Drive or Cloud Storage

Losing data for a law student can be a nightmare. A lot of time working on different case studies you need to gather different images, videos, documents that require a lot of space. Thereby, you need an external hard drive not just to save those files. However, to easily carry them in your bag even when you can’t carry your laptop.

Having access to cloud storage is an even better choice than a USB or external hard drive. Cloud storage can be accessed by you from anywhere, you simply need a computer or mobile phone to go through your data saved in cloud storage. Thence it reduces the difficulty of carrying an external hard drive everywhere you go.


It is true that a law student needs to read a lot of books and to keep them organized you need a dedicated bookstand for your school books. Every law students have that pile of a number of academic books which can be quite heavy at times.

So a bookstand is one of the essential law school supplies for law students.

Roller Backpack

As we have mentioned in the previous point that law school books are exhaustingly heavy and it is quite difficult to carry them in a normal backpack. To avoid any kind of inconvenience or back pain you need to have a rolling backpack. Thereby, you can easily carry your law books without worrying about their weight.

This supply is one of those difficult or unusual law school supplies which is not necessarily required for students of other departments.

Highlighter Pens

A ton of highlighting is required in books and notes when you are in a law school. It is actually more than most people think before starting their classes in a law school.

In the midst of reading and learning so many different books and topics, it is possible that you might forget about the most important points to remember. That’s where these bright-colored highlighters can come to your rescue.

So make sure you carry at least two to three different colors of highlighters in your bag.

Study Table Lamp

One thing is for sure that there is a lot of reading in law school. A lot of times you need to study at night or even if it is daytime there is a need for a good source of light so that you don’t damage your eyesight while reading.

Study table lamp is a law school supply that every law student must have at home. These table lamps surely help you to read your books with complete focus. Also, it will help you build a clear vision without turning on all the lights of your room.

A Durable Lunch Box and Water Bottle

You might be going to spend a lot of time and or somedays extra time at the campus. To be able to focus on your law studies you have to take care of your diet as well. Avoid eating junk food all the time and prefer to take something from home to eat at campus when you are hungry.

For that, we will suggest you to carry your lunch from home in a reusable metal lunch box. It is an ideal way to eat healthily and save some money.

Furthermore, try to carry a reusable water thermos at all times with you to keep yourself hydrated while on campus. Avoid using plastic bottles as they are neither environmental friendly nor budget-friendly especially for students.

Legal Notebooks

Yes, this is perhaps one of those school supplies that every student needs but a law student might need it even more than the rest. There are a lot of classes and lectures which require you to note down things that are being said. A notebook or perhaps a legal notebook is another law school essentials that you must have.

It is also possible that you might run out of pages in a notebook very quickly while studying in a law school so it is advised to keep a bunch of them in order to avoid last-minute inconvenience. Law students come across different case studies as well, and all these case studies and assignments should be noted down to keep the track of the daily tasks.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article will help you in identifying some of the most useful law school supplies that you must have to make your law school journey and daily tasks convenient. Plus we hope it will also help you realize that all these school supplies are not that difficult to have after all.

Therefore, make sure to keep the things that you feel essential for yourself. The most necessary things to have either in school or at home always differs from person to person.

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