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Design 101: Getting Tropical With Your Fabrics Decor

Missing the frequent beach getaways with the gals because you are stuck within city life? If you yearn to escape the bland everyday scene, get a tropical interior design in order to change pace and have the life in the island kind of house. No need to spend a million bucks to mend our mood for tropical places! All you have to do is to change your usual home decor into tropical style, and have a home that will remind you of Coron in Palawan, Philippines, Hawaii, and Bali, Indonesia—at your home!

Tropical is not tropical without the natural elements. And by that, tropical vibes indicate summer, lots and lots of green environment, a sip of fresh coconut juice, clear skies, an airy time of the beach, and happy holidays. To extract the kind of vibe for your home, make sure to have a handful of leafy indoor plants, teak, crafted cane and bamboo for decorative, rattan, wicker, leafy to lattice prints, furnishing fabrics featuring pop and vibrant colors, and painted walls.

Vibrant Colors

Always pay attention to your choice of colors. What most likely comprises tropical is the vibrant and arresting colors. So decide for a section of yellow, lighter shade of green, orange, pink, and light to dark shade of blue which reflects the sea. These colors are present in furnishing fabrics, upholsteries, cushions, cabinets, curtains, painted walls, and other kinds of decorative materials.

Happy Wallpapers


            Patterned wallpapers are great decorative elements for tropical vibe homes. Choose from varying designs of wallpapers such as striped, floral, geometric, leafy, lattice, and other patterns depending on your preference that will remind everybody of summer when laid eyes on your walls.

It is never enough to just leave the bare walls alone. Hang photos from your beach or other outdoor galas, rattan plates, and art pieces to fill the gap.

Leafy Fabrics Patterns 

            From the arresting walls to the decorative materials for your home, go for leafy furnishing fabrics such as palm leaves, areca palm leaves to banana leaves. Either fabrics for upholstery, throw pillow covers, curtains, table covers, and other available leafy patterns in the market that suits your taste.

Rattan is Life

Make way for rattan-type materials to create that indigenous, made out of natural resources–a top element to achieve that tropical vibe. Raging from storage boxes, alternative pots for plants, drawers, and trays. No need to all-out purchase for storage, drawer, and any other types. A couple of rattan-inspired home materials will do just fine.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Ever wondered how a one piece of huge round or arched mirror with lattice pattern wood carving on the sides do to accentuates the space? Place it in the heart of your home where people will definitely notice its delicately crafted piece of art. Decorative mirrors, plastered on top of a hard wooden table for heavy elements will bring out the tropical features of your room.

What Is Tropical Without Plants?

Decorate your place with a handful of indoor plants. Raging from types of indoor palm tree plants, banana leaves, succulents, cactus, shrubs, and bushes. If you find too many plants inside cluttered and cramped, you could always surround the outside of your home with plants. In order to showcase your outside plants to the inside perspective, install lengthy sliding windows that reveal the green surroundings. Your outdoor plants will complement the clear lengthy windows and definitely screams tropical itself!

Fabrics Natural Elements

            Bahay Kubo is a traditional Filipino house made of wooden materials, mostly bamboo and coconut tree. The concept of Bahay Kubo is in fact, showcases the versatility and beauty of indigenous materials. Innovate with a twist of contemporary interior design for shiny wooden floors, high ceilings, wide openings, and huge windows to have that bright and airy home–a perfect tropical house. One way to develop a tropical scheme is to allow as many natural elements in your home.

Consider well-crafted furniture creations of the sofa and couches’ upholsteries in earth tones to evoke a touch of modernity. Sofa set made out of natural elements exhibits the art of indigenous materials. Since natural elements are earth-toned, any shades can go along with it. Either you go for exotics prints or vibrant, neutral shades to create contrast or muted colors for the furnishing fabrics of your cushions, throw pillowcases, all up to you!

Wooden carved figurines and designer pieces are also must consider decorative elements which can blend in with the space. This would help perk up the lacking spot of your home.

Feel-Good Bedroom With Fabrics

A white theme bedroom and a lighter neutral shade are best fitted for an airy and fresh feel. Get set for the canopy bed in crisps clean furnishing fabrics. The best thing to do is to go entirely monochrome for your bedroom with white sheets of your linen, bed sheets, blankets curtains, and including the canopy.

To create contrast, either choose a variety of furnishing fabrics for your pillowcases. You can choose from furnishing fabrics such as tribal, animal, floral, or simply plain cotton, and other types of fabrics in earth and vibrant shade, all these varieties of furnishing fabrics that are yet to discover at trade only fabric supplier, which will cater all your fabrics need.

Waking up in a laid-back, canopy bed with fresh and clean surroundings will be like your time on the island. Easy and possible with the help of creativity and appropriate design.

Your Mini Island 

To procure a piece of tropical style, your bathroom must be spacious enough to contain a bathtub. Whether round or oval-shaped, it all depends on you! A good amount of pebbles and pieces of greeneries will do just fine to still keep up with the tropical vibe.

Exotic Accessories

Accessories that indicate summer, the islanders, the right beside the reservoir must be included to perk up the space. Accessories such as pineapple figures and lights, tropical flowers, prints, portraits, and plastic copies. Also parrot glass figures, beaded ornaments and covers for separators, crocheted clothing, and a flamingo art piece.





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