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Custom Website Design Vs Template – Which Is Best for New Business?

Developing a we space is not an easy step, and more if it is your first experience. You want everything to go well. Although you have possibly read tons of articles about the various paths you can take. You reach a point where you must decide whether to create a web page using a web template or by custom website design. It helps you to create a custom style and faithfully adapt what you want to project.

To make a decision, it is necessary to know the definition of each of them.

What Is a Web Template?

They are pre-designs that have fixed functionalities, which facilitate the process of creating web spaces. Depending on the platform and scope, it can offer to configure and adapting the visual aspect.

 Although many specialists assure that the templates are link to a CMS (such as WordPress). This statement is not valid, since there are options created purely with HTML and CSS.

What Is a Custom Web Design?

Web designs are personalized creations, which go through several brainstorming processes between the applicant and the web designer. They adapt to the needs, convert the space functional, and offer a user experience (UX).

Once the definition is finish, we are going to explore the main differences between them.

Differences Between Custom Web Design and Web Templates

It should be clarifying that more than 60% of web pages are create under a Content Management System today. The most prominent platform among them is WordPress. Therefore, under this premise, we must investigate in advance the scope and functions to be highlighted.

To evaluate the differences, it has been decide to separate them by various factors or elements.


The web template is mostly cheaper than custom web design. Since the creators or the platforms that sell the templates offer it at an affordable price. They work for the sale in large quantities, unlike web designs to the extent. 

And on many occasions, you can get web templates, although they have many security details and the function scope is limited.

It should be note that templates can be inexpensive at first. However, each customization or change you require has an additional cost.

Development Time

Depending on the speed and urgency that a web page is needed, the template can be a viable option. Howeve, if you want a better developed and personalized work related to what you want web design is the best option.


The security of web space is extremely vital, and more today, users are afraid about the use of personal data. 

Templates generally have better security due to the large number of users who can buy and use them. This is because, being the templates for massive use, each user can detect different problems. They are report to the developer of the template for later improvement in a future version. 

Contrary to what would happen with custom development, the testing process tends to be slower and reduced users. It is still important to check the latest update dates and the reputation of said developer.

Similar or Different

When using a web template, do not be surprised that there are websites similar to your webspace. 

This is more normal than you think. There are templates so popular and functional that they can sell more than 100,000 licenses for their use. Unlike a custom web design, the designer will deliver an original work due to his ethics and morals. They have the commitment to its execution.

Level of Customization

The customization of a web template depends greatly on the CMS platform and scope. It only allows basic changes, unlike custom web design, which the professional will provide. It can provide more scope, although changes will always have additional costs depending on the contract you have signed.

 Quality in Design

You may not obtain the quality required on the web page. This happens because you locate some templates in which the responsive to mobile devices are not well developed. 

Therefore, you have to review calmly and take it into account. Unlike a custom web design, in which the professional can ensure the required functions.

Support by The Development Team

Most of the platforms in which you can purchase the templates. Suppose the user does not pay for the support service by the development team. However, if you are left alone to face any change you want. It should be note that, even if you pay for the service, they do not assure you of the changes you want to make. 

They can give you support on the customization that it allows you, but no more from there.

Unlike custom web design, which is support by a team, who can support the changes, only if they are previously writing within the service contract, any modification or support also costs additional costs.

Web Positioning, SEO

The web templates can have the great disadvantage of being slow compared to the loading speed. They have lots of built-in features and are enable by default to satisfy the widest possible audience. 

This can greatly affect performance and SEO. In many cases, a specialist in both is hire to make the necessary improvements.

Unlike custom web design, which, depending on the quality of the professional, can create a friendly web space. They are attractive to search engines, adapting to the brand.

These are some differences that can be analyze. Many details can also be highlighted, such as the connection of CRM, data analysis, and others.


How to Make the Right Decision for Your Business?

Now comes the moment of truth. What is the option that can be adapte to what each person needs? It is necessary to know before anything else what your objective is? And how many resources do you have? 

If your goal is to create a page quickly to get out of a jam, the best option web template. If you want something durable and have the monetary resources to pay for a specialized service. It is better to have a custom web design and stand out from the crowd. 

In short, you have to evaluate and prioritize the needs of the brand or company. And sharing my personal experience. I started with a free template with many problems and technical details. 

Therefore, you need to look at your goals, scope, priorities, and resources to make this important decision.

Hope this article on Postpear is helpful to choose between custom web design and template for your new business! 

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