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“Covid Fun:” 4 Ideas to Create A Classy Outdoor Hookah Bar

“Parties, nightclubs, lunch dates, and hookah bar” – sounds like things of the past or more like activities that Covid-19 has put a pause to.We all have our preferences when it comes to relaxing and chill.

Some like to try different cuisines or go to cinemas to watch movies, while others visit any nearby lounges to smoke all their pent-up energy out.

Whatever you choose, doing things you like can really give you an emotional reset.

But, we can’t go outdoors so, what to do? No need to be sulking because we have come up with creative ideas to let you experience all of these fun things right in your home space!

Don’t believe it? Continue to read to find out how!

How to Have Covid Fun at Home?

Well, we agree that the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily restricted us to our homes, stopping all the fun we used to have at BBQ and smoke lounges when things were normal.

But who said we couldn’t do the same in our house, and yes, you don’t need to be a pro to set up your own outdoor lounge by remaining on a budget? Yes, these ideas will not break your bank. Trust us!

Bonus: No matter how much space you have got, large or small your house is, these simple ideas can turn your barren land into a classy hookah bar yard!

1.      Highlight Pathway But Make It Fancier

Image Credits: Unsplash

Good lighting and an aesthetic vibe can make any place look appealing, fancy, and fun. Whether you prefer a bright hookah bar or like to sit and relax in a dark place, you will surely love this outdoor setting:

  • Get outdoor solar lights to give it the fancy feeling, place a cart on one side, and fill it with the best cigars, different vape flavors, shisha, or hookah. Lastly, put a neon sign over it to complete your bright hookah bar

Think about all the times when you’ll be crossing your entryway while looking at your customized outdoor lounge. It will give you a relaxing feeling even just by looking at it.

So, grab a snack, your favorite drink, and pair it with a bougie smokey cigar.

2.      Use Those Extra Storage Items

If you ever visit your home storage, surely you will discover lots of extra stuff that’s just lying there waiting for you to acknowledge it.

Old wooden chairs, empty boxes, fairy lights, decoration pieces, sheets, and whatever useful things you can find get them all out.

Place your old comforter or rug in the yard, put a dark-colored sheet, and throw (not really) fluffy pillows or cushions over it. Cover this comfy sitting area with a net curtain and hang sparkly lights to put the whole look together.

Finally, get a small table and bucket and place it at the side of your created space. Put your sheesha on the table and all the alcoholic beverages with some ice in the bucket. Tada, your comfy hookah bar is ready to serve you.

Don’t forget to add some snacks to satisfy your palate.

Pro-Tip: Hang in the lustrous flower baskets with sparkling stars above the table to create a balance of light and dark.

3.      The Window Bar

Image Credits: Unsplash

It is one of the easiest outdoor bars you can create at your home. And, the best part? It will give you the same feeling as if you are out in a fancy lounge. So order your favorite smoke flavor or drink at the counter.

Pick any of your windows that open in the backyard. Cover the outside of the window lining with lights and place a ‘Home Bar’ neon sign over it.

Put a table outside the window with all the shisha flavors, alcoholic drinks, and snacks. Decorate the table with some flower pots and some cool boozy decoration pieces.

Lastly, invite your best friends over, put tables and chairs on the lawn, and set up multimedia to enjoy your favorite movies with your favorite hookah flavor freshly ordered at your side home bar.

4.      Modern  Hookah Patio Bar

We all want our home space to reflect the same appearance and vibe we experience in all those outdoor lounges and restaurants. So, how can you achieve it in your backyard? Is it even possible? Yes!

You don’t need to spend a fortune but only a few things, and you’ll be amazed how it will turn out in the end.

First, decorate your home space, and the spruce has shared some of the great ideas with us to ready our outdoor lawn to create the hookah bar of our dreams.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Get an old wooden table and dedicate an outdoor area to it. Put a fancy table cloth over it to remove the homey look
  • Place your fancy shisha or hookah with some flower pots onto the table. (you can also choose to use mason jars lying around in your kitchen and filled them with fairy lights to make it extra cool.)

Add The Final Touch

Put some soda pops, carbonated drinks, soju, or alcoholic beverages to complete the look. And, there you have it, your DIY modern patio hookah bar space.


Sudden outbreaks, natural problems, or outdoor activities limitations, if you really think these are not the things that decide our happiness.

There are so many fun things you can still do at your home without going out, becoming a master chef from a newbie or a fresher to a pro designer. The choices are endless.

Even things like hookah bars, snack carts, outdoor cinema, you can create anything you want in your backyard to experience the magic under the starry night or bright sky.

So, we have mentioned some classy yet simple ideas to help you out in the quarantine to get rid of that feeling of homesickness.

Surely, there are so many more ideas and tricks you can try that we have not mentioned. Share with us!

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