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Covid and Diabetes: Can Covid Cause Diabetes? 2021

Diabetes and covid have bidirectional links. It means that they affect one another. There is convergence on the point that a diabetes patient can have worse complications if he gets affected by a coronavirus.

It is not that diabetes patients are more likely to get affected than the general population. But if they are affected, they are likely to face more complications than a person without diabetes. 

Also, anyone with health complications is likely to face serious health issues when a covid virus infects. Older diabetes patients are more likely to get serious health issues than a younger male with well-managed diabetes.

Type 1 or type 2 does not matter

Anyone with any type of diabetes can have serious health issues with covid 19. The only difference is that a diabetes patient who has kept the condition in control through diet and exercise will see fewer health issues in dealing with coronavirus.

Experts say that when a viral infection hits a diabetes patient, it becomes difficult to manage the sudden change in blood glucose levels. There is also a possibility that the virus of coronavirus thrives in higher levels of blood glucose. 

The virus could also lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. It is a build-up of acid in the bloodstream. The higher levels of blood sugar levels for a longer period are responsible for this condition.

The fatality rate is higher in covid patients with diabetes

In British hospitals, the doctors observed that risk to life is more in patients of covid with uncontrolled diabetes and other severe health issues. These health issues may precede covid 19. Several other studies also indicate the same link between covid and diabetes. Covid patient with diabetes has increased risk of hospitalization.

Besides diabetes, the other health factors which increased the risk of serious medical complications include heart issue, coronary blockage, and hypertension.

Multiple factors increase the risk factor

A diabetic person is likely to have other related issues which increase the risk factor of serious health problems. Obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, or cardiovascular problems are such issues. The body finds it difficult to handle the virus when it is already battling so many issues.

Also, older males or females with diabetes are likely to have more comorbidities than younger males with diabetes. Coronavirus increases complications in diabetic males over 60s, who are already suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and heart issues.

Manage diabetes with a healthy diet and medication

The role of a healthy diet and an active life cannot be over-emphasized in controlling diabetes. Doctors who prescribe Glucobay 50mg also stress the importance of a healthy diet and some moderate exercises. 

The lifestyle changes help to control diabetes and keep it within safe limits.  If it is not possible to go out and take part in some physical activity, the patient should move as much as possible in the home. Some simple stretching exercises and yoga can be beneficial to keep the body active. The control on diabetes is the only way to deal with worse health cases in the case of coronavirus.

A healthy diet and moderate exercises

After the mask and social distancing, the next step is to keep a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will not only check the progression of diabetes but also makes it easy to deal with conditions that encourage diabetes. 

Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, plant-based protein through beans, lentils, and dietary fiber to control diabetes. Avoid sugar in juices, packed products, and added calories in aerated drinks. 

These simple steps will not only ensure a healthy life but keep the risk of developing serious health issues low in case of a coronavirus attack. Males using sildenafil citrate 200mg prescribed for erection boost can also lower their dependence on a healthy lifestyle.

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Covid and diabetes have strong relations. A diabetes patient is not a risk of getting covid higher than a non-diabetes patient. The chances of a diabetes patient developing serious health conditions is higher than a non-diabetes patient.

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