Complete details to getting a learner driving licence

Guide to Getting a Learner Driving Licence 

learner driving license is documented proof which makes you eligible to drive through the public roads, highways and more, you can drive any vehicle which is accessible to the public. 

The process for getting a learner driving licence in Pakistan has become pretty easy and straightforward. Ever since the driving licence application has been introduced and the entire procedure has moved towards digital technology, getting a learner driving license online has become less time consuming. You no longer have to wait in long queues and go through the hectic process in order to get a driving licence. 

Services Provided by DLIMS Online 

The best part about this new innovation is that all the services are now available online which you can follow up while sitting back at your home. The services which are provided on the DLIMS online Portal include; applying for a driving licence, theoretical exam, verifying a driving licence, paying the fee, learners driving licence renewal, searching for the nearest driving licence centre and many more. 

Therefore, you no longer have to worry about having to visit the office. Remember that the only time you would be required to visit the driving licence office is for the physical test. Keep reading to find out how to get through the entire learners driving licence process in Sindh. 

Process of Obtaining Driving Licence 

The DLIMS application allows you to register for a driving licence. However, remember that in order to complete  driving licence application process, need to give physical test under supervision of expert. For that you would be required to visit a driving licence centre. 

Process for Learner’s Driving Licence 

Now, talking about how you can get a learners driving licence in Sindh, the process is pretty simple. To help you understand things more clearly, we have described the whole procedure into these five steps; 

Step 1: Visit the Front Desk

Before anything else you need to take an appointment for your test from the DLIMS online portal, the first thing you need to do after reaching the main office is visit the front desk. 

Step 2: Get Your Token 

Once you arrive at the front desk, a representative present there will provide a token which would have an automated number according to which you will be called for further proceedings. 

Step 3: Registration, SNAP, & Medical 

When your designated number is called, one of the representatives will guide on how to get through the registration process and explain to you how to perform the medical exam so that you can move forward with the rest of the procedure. 

Step 4: Pay Fees at NBP Counter 

After getting done with the medical examination, you would be required to visit the NBP counter in order to pay the fees that have been assigned to you and clear all the dues before getting started with the main part of applying for a driving licence. 

Step 5: Data Verification

Once, you are done with all of the steps mentioned above. Your assigned representative will then provide you a printed hard copy of your learner’s licence after verifying all the documents. 

That is all from our side about the learners driving licence and the procedure for getting your hands onto one. Keep in mind that a learner’s driving permit is only valid for one year. After that you would be required to apply for a permanent licence to keep driving legally in Pakistan. 

Some of main required documents that you would have to submit in order to get a legal driving licence are; 

  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years
  • Valid Original CNIC Card
  • The applicant should be fit and with 6×6 eyesight 

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