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Coffee throughout the ages

Coffee throughout the ages

Coffee was instantly popular, going from there to Arabia, spreading quickly to neighbouring countries such are Syria, Turkey and Egypt. Everyone loved coffee! And we still do! . It arrived in Europe amid some speculation and dis-trust with the church attempting to prohibit it. The Pope himself apparently tested the drink and over-ruled the ban.

In some instances, the introduction of coffee came with intense drama. In the 1700’s, Amsterdam provided the King of France with a token gift of a coffee plant.  . Quite a mammoth feat for a simple seedling.

Brazil is one of the more famous locations for coffee, but it was only due to the Emperor sending an individual named Francisco De Mello Palheta to France to obtain some coffee beans, which the French declined.

Coffee plantations began to pop up everywhere, some flourished, whilst others took a few attempts to begin to develop. Today, there are approximately 25 million coffee plantations around the world, with the majority being in Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia and Indonesia.

In today’s world, coffee is an every day item. The journey from experimenting and perfecting the legendary bean has resulted in coffee being consumed in homes, in cafés and most people have coffee and potentially coffee machines ranging from expresso machines, thermal coffee makers, pod machines, or AeroPress accessories in their homes, offices and businesses.

 This is the same ingredient that gives coffee its unique bitter flavour. Healthline also states that the drinks’ ability to stem away sleepiness is due to how our brain reacts to caffeine.

A drink for the devil: 8 facts about the history of coffee

But did you know it also sparked a social revolution in Britain in the 17th century? Here are eight facts about the history of coffee

Coffee has had many uses through history, from spiritual intoxicant to erotic stimulant.  Here, Paul Chrystal, author of Coffee: A Drink For the Devil, shares eight facts about the discovery of coffee and explores Britain’s love affair with the ‘sinful’ beverag


Younger coffee drinkers are changing the market – from specialty brews to coffee shop culture. To stay competitive, companies will need to keep up with their customers.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In this article, we provide you with interesting information about coffee throughout the ages.

On our Coffee blog, you can find information on coffee from all over the world, as well as coffee related news and information on other topics that are interesting to us.

Coffee history began in Central America. However, it’s been used for centuries to make various drinks, including tea and cocoa. We have some of the most interesting coffee-related facts and information here.

If you like to drink coffee but don’t know much about it, this blog is for you! Each week we’ll post a new article about coffee history.

The History of Coffee

Coffee is a drink enjoyed by millions around the world. What is coffee? Is it really healthy? Who discovered coffee? Is there a story behind the invention of coffee? Learn about all this and more in our coffee blog.

This is a coffee blog, and we write about the history of coffee and its different varieties.

Every culture has their own coffee rituals. From the Aztecs to the French, people have different ways to make the perfect cup of coffee. Today we’ll be discussing one of the oldest and most widely used beverages in the world.

Our blog about coffee is focused on sharing knowledge on the history of coffee. We have an extensive list of posts on everything coffee, from how it was discovered and the first ever cup of coffee to how it became a global industry.

We would like to give you the possibility to install our plugins on your website. However, since we are not a hosting provider and we

The history of coffee is a fascinating subject that many have never heard of, let alone seen in action.

Coffee Comes to Europe

Coffee Comes to Europe is the new series of Coffee Comes To Europe. We will take a closer look at new coffee concepts in different European cities. In every city, we will introduce the people behind the coffee, including the story behind the coffee, its history, and some background information. Then we will go into detail about the coffee itself, tasting it, as well

Coffee comes to Europe, the first coffee shop in Europe. It was opened on July 14th, 2017, at the historic and cultural center of St. Petersburg, Russia. The coffee is roasted by the German company, Greenway Coffee Roasters. The coffee comes from Germany. It’s a small coffee café with a very special ambiance.

Our blog is where we write about the latest news in the world of coffee. We post a variety of articles, including those on coffee production, coffee marketing, and coffee equipment.

This is the second part in the series on Coffee Comes to Europe. In this episode we are talking about how the coffee industry developed during the last years. We are also discussing the latest news in the world of coffee and why you should be concerned about it.


Here at All About Coffee we focus on the art of coffee making, from equipment reviews to bean profiles. We also share the best places to drink coffee in San Diego, and the best places to eat brunch.

Coffee is the first thing we need in the morning. It helps us wake up and feel happy. It has been proven that drinking 4-5 cups of coffee every day can also boost our creativity and energy. Here at All About Coffee we want to share with you all the latest news and events from the coffee industry and offer you tips on what you should know before.

Our popular blog is the home of coffee. We post reviews, news, and info about coffee equipment and coffee. You’ll learn about brewing methods, roasting methods, coffee grinders, and so much more!

The service is friendly and the ambiance is casual.

5 Historical Attempts to Ban Coffee

The history of coffee has been littered with many attempts to ban the drink, but none have ever succeeded. We’re going to take a look at the history of coffee – from its origins in China, to how it spread throughout the world.

In the 1700s, coffee was actually banned in many European countries due to health concerns. But coffee has been widely used since then.

A look at the history of attempts to ban coffee. The story of coffee and coffee drinkers, the war between coffee and tea, the coffee and caffeine conspiracy theory, and other interesting tidbits of the history of coffee and caffeine.

Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World is where we talk about coffee, but not just any coffee. We’re talking about some of the world’s most unique and interesting coffees, from small farm coffees to large scale commercial ones.

Our Coffee Around The World Blog will be a place where we will share some of our favorite coffee spots in the world. We are constantly updating this page so please come back and visit often.Coffee Around the World shares stories and photographs from coffee growers and roasters around the globe. Here’s a sample of what we have found in each country so far.created with getting before you leave home.

Our coffee blog includes posts on all the best places to have a cup of coffee around the world, as well as a monthly giveaway where one lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

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