CO2 Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan

We all know that fire extinguishers are of different types. Each type has its own unique characteristics for extinguishing the fire. Fire extinguishers are important for fire safety. Different Types of extinguishers can extinguish different classes of fire and each type has its own unique usage method. This blog is related to CO2 Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan

A CO2 fire extinguisher is portable fire fighting equipment. CO2 Fire Extinguisher works by discharging or expelling a noncombustible gas over the flames. CO2 is very economical and is not harmful to human health. We can recognize a Co2 fire extinguisher by a black band around the cylinder and a black, cone-shaped horn, through which gas comes out from the cylinder.

Co2 type of fire extinguisher that is filled with Carbon dioxide gas. For many years’ carbon dioxide gas is uses as a good fire suppressant because of its special characteristics. Carbon dioxide gas is extensively in use in industries for dealing with special fire hazards. Carbon dioxide is a very powerful and impressive fire suppressant gas because it is heavier than air and it suffocates the air causing the fire to smother.

It is a very unique fire extinguisher with very good qualities. It contains a fire suppressant that can immediately handle a particular workplace fire hazard depending on the certain substances that add fuels to the fire, it quickly cools down the substance and ensures equipment and human safety. Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Most people prefer using a CO2 fire extinguisher because it does not generate leftovers and does not require a cleaning procedure on the area.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher used for what type of Fire?

Co2 fire extinguishers can extinguish a fire that is due to different materials. The extinguisher continues to use for various applications across the world. It can extinguish the flammable liquid (petrol, paint) fire, electrical fire, it can extinguish the combustible material (paper, wood, cloth) fire.

Users also use Co2 fire extinguishers for marine application in engine rooms, vehicle areas. It can also work in the steel and aluminum industries. Fire hazards in these industries also rely on CO2 fire extinguisher protection. Many kerosene and paint industries depend on the protection of this fire extinguisher.

Carbon dioxide systems can also extinguish the fire in computer rooms, wet chemistry benches, board chippers, equipment dust collectors, printing presses, cable trays, electrical rooms, motor control centers, switchgear locations, paint spray booths, hooded industrial fryers, and transformers. Read more 

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Pressure:

The cylinder of the Co2 fire extinguisher includes carbon dioxide gas. The gas is filled is under extreme pressure.

The pressure range is normally between 55 bar or 825psi. At this high pressure, the gas is converted into liquid. When the user sets off the lever of the fire extinguisher, the pressure is released, the pressure of CO2 gas is reduced by the horn and due to decreased pressure, the liquid is again converted into a gas. The gas then rapidly cooling the surrounding air.


How to use CO2 Fire Extinguisher?:

If you want to know how to use CO2 Fire Extinguisher Use in Rawalpindi & Islamabad continue reading.

Direct the horn at the base of the fire and move across in a sweeping motion. When the fire appears to be out, check for a while afterward for any areas of remaining fire and use the extinguisher again if necessary.

We cannot use a CO2 fire extinguisher for extinguishing oil fires because the jet will spread the burning oil everywhere. So, it cannot work efficiently on the cooking fires. CO2 Fire extinguishers can be harmful to human health if not used in prescribed quantity, so we must use CO2 fire extinguishers with great care.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Working

As I discussed earlier a Co2 fire extinguisher smothers the flammable liquid and electrical fire. So, its working principle is also different. CO2 fire extinguisher works by displacing the oxygen. The fire continues burning when all the three-element (oxygen, heat, and fuel) of fire triangles are present. In order to smother the fire, anyone element has to be cut off from this triangle. The Co2 fire extinguisher takes away the oxygen from this triangle.

Co2 gas is heavier than oxygen so this gas gets the dominant position over the oxygen and creates the barrier between the flames and the oxygen. The temperature of Co2 gas is very low and when it comes out from the cylinder it discharges a cloud of snow that cools down the burning substance.


CO2 Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan:

The price of the CO2 fire extinguisher depends on many factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Size of the Cylinder.
  • The capacity of the Extinguisher.
  • Brands of the Fire Extinguisher.

You can also check the prices of different sizes of the CO2 fire extinguisher by just clicking on the links below. Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt provides CO2 fire extinguishers at cheap prices to all our customers in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

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