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Challenges in Surrogacy

Though the fruit of surrogacy is priceless like a beautiful baby daughter or a lovely baby boy to the hands of the intended parents. Every great gain has its own unique set of challenges. Traditional couples face fewer challenges than couples who need egg donation. The couples with the need for egg donation have to bear the fertility medical costs for two women. Whether one is the egg donor and the other is the gestational carrier. Here are some remarkable challenges in surrogacy.

Psychological Assessment is a Challenge in Surrogacy

The surrogate, her husband (if any), and the intended couples have to appear before a series of routine psychological examinations. All of them have to meet with the therapist together, then separately, who will ask them a lot of questions starting with what if so that the therapist can determine each person of both the parties. It will associate sincerely to the end for the success of the surrogacy process. Without being entirely sure about the psychological assessment. The doctors will not transfer the embryo into the surrogate.

Distance of the Surrogate is Another Challenge in Surrogacy

An embryo transfer requires seventy-two hours of immediate and complete bed rest for the surrogate shortly after embryo transfer. Sometimes, the surrogate may not live in the same state where the intended parents live. In this case, the intended couples have to bear the cost of hotel and food for this period for the surrogate. In some cases for her husband or family along with her also results from a huge amount of money.

Surrogacy is a Challenge of High Cost

Surrogacy is so costly a program that one surrogacy may cost the intended parents USD 80,000 to USD 300,000 according to their requirements. The intended parents must take strong financial preparation before moving forward to surrogacy. Costs of a surrogacy process include program fees, compensation for the surrogate, medical expenses, and much more that are very challenging.

Surrogacy is a Challenging Process

Surrogacy is a challenging process. When intended parents try to complete a gestational surrogacy, they have to go through challenging processes. In Vitro Fertilization that is cost-effective, time-consuming, and that may not be successful in the first attempt. Both the intended parents and the surrogate are made aware of the complexity and challenges of the process so that they can have patience for the output they are expecting.

Surrogacy Challenges to Leave Sense of Control

When a woman conceives, she has complete control over her pregnancy. When intended parents take the help of surrogacy. Many of them tend to hold the same sense of control over the process. But they should remember that they have just given their eggs and sperms or any one of them to form an embryo and that the rest of the task is left to the healthy uterus of their surrogates. In these challenging circumstances, they should give up their sense of control over the pregnancy and continue a trustworthy and friendly relationship with their surrogates.

Human life is always challenging. There is nothing on earth without challenge. That is why an old proverb goes no pains, no gains. The same is about surrogacy or maternità surrogata. Having some challenges by no means makes surrogacy impassable. Numerous intended parents, single women or men who were committed to surrogacy have successfully been able to start and expand their families. To overcome the challenges in surrogacy, reputed surrogacy agencies, IVF clinics with highly qualified fertility and surrogacy specialists, surrogacy attorneys, surrogates with good physical and mental health, surrogacy insurance companies, egg donors, and so on are always with those who will step forward sensibly through research to take the challenges in surrogacy that should help you.

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