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Carpet cleaning Dubai & Why is it Essential?

Although a carpet can add some aesthetic touch to your house’s décor, it needs a lot of attention and care. And cleaning is the main point! Why is cleaning your carpet necessary? How can it affect your health? 

Carpet Cleaning Dubai
Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Why Cleaning Your Carpet is Beneficial?

Your carpet is there to catch everything that drops to the floor, which means it might be harmful to your health once ignored. That’s why cleaning your carpet can be very useful; here is how: 

1- Improves the Family’s Health 

Carpets can easily absorb everything that drops down, making it an excellent environment for bacteria, germs, and allergens. Once kept dirty, it may affect your health and cause illness and allergies. While cleaning your carpet regularly, you are protecting your family’s health, preventing allergies, and getting rid of germs and bacteria. 

2- Keeps your House Clean

Cleaning your carpet can help to keep all your house clean; how? In fact, when things are dropped down the carpet, it is easy to get them stuck to your shoes, then spread them around the house. When you clean your carpet, you are preventing transferring the dirt to other rooms, and by this, you are protecting your family’s health as well. 

3- Enhances the Air Quality

Once your carpet is full of dirt, dust, and debris, the air inside your house might be polluted. Germs and bacteria can be spread quickly, as well as dust and dirt. If the air is polluted or compromised, this may affect your health. That is why you need to clean your carpet regularly, and once in a while, have a deep cleaning for the carpet.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet? 

Cleaning your carpet should be daily, but sometimes, you can vacuum it once a week due to some factors. Here are the main factors to take into consideration to vacuum your carpet: 

Carpet Cleaning Dubai
Carpet Cleaning Dubai

1- Number of Family’s Members 

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is the number of family members. When the number is significant, you need to vacuum more often, especially if you have kids. Kids can cause a lot of mess around, so cleaning the carpet is mandatory. 

2- Having pets 

Whenever you have pets inside the house, such as cats or dogs, you need to know that they can easily dirt the carpet. At this point, you need to vacuum the carpet daily and clean it once per week to avoid any problems. 

3- Children’s Age

Having young kids can be exhausting sometimes, especially if you want to keep your house clean. Kids younger than five can drop things quickly on the floor, making you clean them every day. When they become older, they can learn how to avoid dropping things, and that is when you do not need to clean the carpet daily. 

In general, cleaning your carpet should be done regularly. For big rooms and high traffic areas, cleaning the carpet should be daily. But for the low traffic areas, you need to clean them once per week. 

On the other hand, cleaning your carpet professionally should be done twice a year, considering the foot traffic inside the house. 

Picking the Right Carpet Cleaning Treatment is Key!

One of the most important aspects of deep carpet cleaning in Dubai is to note the different types of carpet cleaning methods and based upon the carpet like Persian rugs to pick the right kind of cleaning service that is the ideal fit for your carpet cleaning needs.

Take for example steam carpet cleaning- This is generally considered the best for deep cleaning of the carpet. It involves using high-pressure hot water to remove dirt from the carpet. Cleantel carpet cleaning experts advise deep steam carpet cleaning to be done in the late afternoon, so that carpet can be let to dry for at least 4 hours.

Carpet Shampooing Cleaning- It is quite a challenge to keep your home or office carpets in prime condition in the ever-changing climate of Dubai. As the name suggests, carpet shampooing involves deep washing of the carpets to remove as much as possible particles like massive dirt, mud, grime, etc. more effectively. We use the Carpet & Rug Institute (U.S.A) approved vacuum system which includes stages of hypoallergenic high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to target most of the allergens.

Another effective way is Dry Carpet Cleaning. Following Dubai’s technology-savvy vision, dry carpet cleaning uses specialized machines to deep clean carpets with newly developed technologies by permitting only very low moisture after cleaning.

Carpets add a different flair to your already beautiful apartment or office. In a city like Dubai, the carpet cleaning experts in Dubai at Cleantel, understand the necessity behind maintaining the beautiful rugs with repeated deep cleaning sessions. Our carpet cleaning service professionals in Dubai recommend you start with picking the best cleaning services for the carpet whether it be commercial carpet cleaning or residential carpet cleaning service needs.

Cleantel experts say Regular Carpet Vacuuming Cleaning Sessions is the Way!

By opting for regular carpet deep cleaning sessions with Cleantel Dubai experts, you are at ease as they remove most dirt and debris that cannot be extracted with a household vacuum cleaner while also removing pet stains, food stains, odors, and even mold and mildew growing under the carpet.

All sorts of spills, spots are treated in the best possible manner to maintain the durability and beauty of the carpets. Whether you are looking to give your carpets a boost before your next party or disinfect the carpets, Cleantel’s Carpet Cleaning experts have the technical know-how and the cleaning devices to get the job professionally done to the best of our ability. Our company believes in giving you the most amazing results within our resources so you can welcome your guests to a lovely scented home with cleaner and disinfected carpets.

The carpet can be vulnerable to many polluted factors that lead to dirt accumulation, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. For any professional help in carpet cleaning in Dubai, you can contact any cleaning company in Dubai.

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