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Have you been complimented on your delicious cold coffee? Or having something of your own has always intrigued you? If you like hosting people, serving appetising food, want to be around laughter and love, then you should consider opening a cafe. Nowadays one of the most popular businesses that are going quite successfully in the market, is owning a cafe. 

If you already own one but it’s a small space and you want to make the best out of it, then this blog will be helpful for you. We have gathered some of the most useful ideas suggested by the best interior designers in Gurgaon for decorating a cafe with a small space.  sakarya escort

best interior designers in gurgaon

The top ten design hacks that the interior decorators in Gurgaon recommend and consider in case of decorating a small space are as follows:

1. Theme Of The Cafe:

To make your cafe look unique and different from many around the corner, try to come up with a theme for your place. Whether your cafe is small or big, a unique theme always attracts more customers as compared to a normal one. As per the interior designers in Gurgaon, the most famous themes business owners are going with nowadays, is the mid-century theme or the rustic theme. It gives the place a bit of an ancient feel with modern accents. Allowing your cafe to attract both kinds of people in it, whether young or old, these themes are suitable for small spaces.

2. Lighting:

To maintain the ambience of a cafe, or any place for that matter, lighting plays a very important part. Make your cafe look open and wide, despite having a small space, try to add a designer lamp in a tiny corner with soft lights. It will make your space more approachable and attach a feeling of gentleness to it. You can use light fixtures, lamps, bulbs of creative shapes that are easily available in the market nowadays. You can also create some of them yourself with waste materials like old bottles, glass containers, etc.

3. Exterior Of The Cafe:

To attract attention, the exterior area of your cafe should also be designed along with your interiors. People first look at your outside walls, so always keep in mind to maintain the cleanliness of your glass windows and nearby parking area. You can also start some kind of gazebo or statues as per your theme. Also, the signboard containing the name of your cafe should be attractive and eye-catchy, without being too flashy.

4. Center Pieces:

As advised by some of the top interior designers in Gurgaon, the best method of decorating a cafe without overdoing anything is to decorate every table with small centrepieces. You can use flowers, small leafy plants, or other decor items as the centrepiece. This is the best option for the decoration of the cafe with the small space. You can also decide on the type of centrepiece as per the occasion, whether it be a holiday season, or a special event happening nearby.

5. Complimenting Furniture:

Furniture can make or break the look of any space which makes them pivotal, says many interior designers in Gurgaon. Try to match the furnishings of the cafe with the surrounding walls. Having said that, make sure that your furniture is light weight sleek and not heavy or bulky, it makes the room look more spacious and wide. Try to arrange the furniture in a close manner without overcrowding the space. You can also go with small-sized tables and chairs. Round-shaped ones are most suitable for such places since they take up less space unlike square or rectangular ones. 

6. Paint Color:

The best interior designers in Gurgaon also believe that the paint colour of any place can change the whole outlook. You can make a place look sophisticated and classy or bold and dramatic, by painting it in certain shades and textures. For cafes, smooth colours like neutral tones are more suitable as they are warm and welcoming. But you can also paint them in cool tones, as per the theme you have on. Make sure to go for a lighter tone, since the space is less and we need light to reflect so that it seems more open.

7. Decorating The Walls:

Interior designers in Gurgaon says that in order to utilise the shortage of space properly, you can decorate your cafe’s walls instead of the walking space with artefacts. You can design your walls with photo frames, art and craft items, light fixtures, etc. for a better effect. Use the modern art decorations for a much more impressive view. You can also use Do-It-Yourself artefacts on the walls for a much more exciting view. escort bayan

8. Chandeliers:

By decorating your cafe with various decor items and artefacts such as small chandeliers and lighting fixtures like ceiling lights, you can grant your place the authentic look you are looking for. This way you can use the available space of the upside walls and get a glittering glow to your place. You can hire some of the best interior designers in Gurgaon to help you with making the decisions of choosing the right decorative piece for your cafe.

9. Open Kitchen Counter:

If you have space constraint in your cafe, then you can also make a small but open kitchen counter to make the drinks and coffee orders for the customers. This will lead to saving an extra space for a separate room for the kitchen. Besides, it will give you the time to interact with your customers, making them feel more homely and warm. It also gives a modernistic feel to the place, if you place a few seating areas near the kitchen counter for people to interact.

 10. Wooden Infrastructure:

When you have a small cafe, you can also design the walls and floor of your cafe in a wooden texture. This will lead to giving the infrastructure  a modernistic design. With the theme of the cafe, you can match your furniture as well. Modern designs are much more attractive, giving you a lot of space along with an amazing view. Many interior decorators in Gurgaon suggests always trying to keep everything simple and sophisticated, to attract all kinds of crowds.

Apply any one of these ideas that are suitable for you. These ideas are sworn by and recommended strongly by the interior decorators in Gurgaon for the designing a cafe in case of a small space and getting a much better response in your business immediately. sakarya escort

Thank you for reading the blog so far, hope you find the blog helpful!

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