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The hot summer is approaching, and many people wear shirts again. Shirts are one of the indispensable items in men’s wardrobes, and they are also one of many uses. They will be widely used on various occasions. As a multi-purpose commodity, how should we choose the right shirt? After all, choosing the right dress shirts wholesale is also very important, which is related to your appearance and appearance. If you don’t know how to choose, please take a look.

Standard Fit Single Breasted Plain Dress Suit

First, let’s take a look at the shirt collar, which can be divided into six types:

  1. Standard collar:

    A collar with a “smooth” trend in professional length and the opening angle is called a standard collar. This shirt is usually used in commercial activities. The colors are mainly monochromatic and white. This is the most common and common style.

    Standard Fit Single Breasted Plain Dress Suit

  2. Hetero-color collar:

    a plain or striped shirt with a white-collar. Some cuffs are also made of white. The collar type is mainly standard collar or open-angle collar. The neckline has many shapes, usually round. Men who choose heterochromatic collars must pay attention to the coordination of the collocation, otherwise, if they are not careful, they will be classified as “tasteless”.
    Pocket Front Button Up Solid Dress Shirt

  3. Concealed button collar:

    the traditional type left and right collars are sewn with buttons, and the tie is passed through the buttons. The shirt collar that is fastened at the collar is strict and emphasizes the three-dimensional image of the tie structure. Wearing this type of collar shirt must be worn The tie should be made smaller, usually tightly knotted, and the tie knot must not be loosened at will, so that the collar will look appropriate.

    Pocket Front Button Up Solid Dress Shirt

  4. Open-angle collar:

    Romantic collar with the angle between the left and right collars ranging from 120 degrees to 180 degrees. This collar type is also called the “Windsor” collar or “French” collar. It is said that the Duke of Windsor, who “didn’t love the country and the beauty”, liked this collar most.

    Single Breasted Long Sleeve Plain Men Shirt Blazer

  5. Button collar:

    The sporty collar tip is fixed to the body with buttons. It was originally a sports shirt. It is the only collar type among all shirts that do not require oversize. Typical American style, casual, natural, comfortable and convenient. This collar type is mostly used on casual shirts, such as denim shirts.

    Button Up Front Solid Color Shirt

  6. Long pointed collar:

    Fashionable slender, slightly pointed collar with simple and decent lines. It has the characteristics of diversified clothing in the new century. It is mostly used as a dress shirt with a classic style. Usually white or plain.

    Long Sleeve Buttoned Solid Dress Shirt


How to choose the right shirt?

  1. Choose shirts with different collars according to the occasion:

    • Standard collar:

      This is a super versatile shirt and will not choose crowds. Except for the dinner party in social occasions, it is necessary to wear a tuxedo and cannot be matched. Basically, it can be matched on other occasions. Therefore, it is also a relatively general quality model, without too many functions, a simple basic model; there is not much elegance in matching, just random matching.

      Standard Fit Single Breasted Plain Dress Suit

      However, when matching in business occasions, it is necessary to match a tie, otherwise it will appear more casual and less formal; if you are participating in high-end business occasions, choose more high-quality fabrics when choosing fabrics, it seems that the quality of the fabric is more Strong, which can enhance the sense of taste.

    • Button collar:

      It is a young and fashionable style, more suitable for formal occasions. This style of shirt is especially suitable for formal occasions such as weddings and company openings. We recommend that you bring flowers and a scarf (the square scarf in the left breast pocket) does not appear at the same time, just choose one of them. If you want to look young and energetic, you can choose more of these styles.

      Long Sleeve Buttoned Solid Dress Shirt

    • Windsor collar:

      It is more elegant, with French buckle is a very gentleman’s match; this shirt is suitable for people who are very particular about wearing taste, of course, if you want to make yourself look more tasteful by wearing it , You can choose this style of shirt.

      Button Front Solid Color Dress Shirt


      At the same time, remember to wear a tie, and the tie of the tie should also be tied with a Windsor knot, and the tie style should not be too narrow, medium to wide. This type of collar is especially suitable for lucky people with a stubby neck and a fat face.

      Single Breasted Curved Hem Solid Suit Shirt

      The above are the shirts that are more suitable for business occasions. On casual occasions, button collars, standard collars and stand-up collars are the main ones, which will be more casual, young and energetic.

  2. Choose according to body type:

      • Men with obesity:

        It is advisable to use a dark, contracted, cold tone to push.

      • Men with a thin body:

        It is advisable to use light and warm colors with a sense of expansion.

      • Men with narrow shoulders:

        The light-colored horizontal striped shirt should be worn on top to increase the sense of width. The bottom is dark, and the shoulders are thick.

      • Long feet and tall men:

        Use striped check shirts for tops.

      • Men with short buttocks and thighs:

        The shirts should be brighter than the bottoms with more conspicuous patterns, and the bottoms should be darker.

      • Normal-sized men:

        coordinated collocation and freedom of choice of shirts.
        Single Breasted Long Sleeve Plain Men Shirt Blazer

After sharing the above, most of us should know how to buy shirts. I can recommend to you our dress shirts wholesale. Our dress shirts wholesale are not only fashionable but also of good quality. what are you waiting for? If you are interested, just browse our products now.

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