Brother Printer In Error State

How to fix Brother printer in Error state

To get the correct resolution from the Brother printer in an error state and resolve the error, you can follow the steps below.

Fix Brother Printer Error State in Easy Ways


Method 1: It’s Time to Check if the Brother Printer Online or Offline Status!

If your Brother printer does not print or loses connection for a long time, it may be disconnected. Therefore, you need to check whether the printer is active during the printing process. You can check it in the following way: In Windows 10, click the Windows button and select “Control Panel”. Select “View devices and printers” from the various options under “Hardware and Sound”. Whether the error message disappeared. If you receive a message, you can try other solutions

Method 2: Now, Restart Print Spooler Service to Solve Your Brother Printer Error State Issue!

A print queue is an option for managing print tasks from the computer to the printer. It also contains a list of completed print jobs. Restarting the print queue can clear the Brother printer from the error state. On Windows, type CMD in the search box, then right-click to select “Run as administrator.” Now, click “Yes” to allow the user to manage the account. On the screen that opens, type net stop spooler, and then press Enter on the keyboard. When you see that the spooler service has been successfully stopped, you need to type net start spooler and press Enter. You will receive another message indicating that the spooler service has been successfully activated. Now you can close cmd. For best results, restart your computer and printer, and then try to print a test page.

Method 3: Try to Clean Your Print Spooler Files and then Restart It!

All files and print history may cause problems, and users may encounter Brother MFC printer errors. To solve this error state problem, you can easily follow the steps below. Go to folder C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers. You can open the folder from the “Start” window by entering the above information and clicking “OK”. Now click “Next” and delete all files from the print queue. Now, the same process also applies to this path C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\W32X86. To restart the spooler service, open the Start window and enter services MSC. In the list of services, find “Print Spooler Service”, and then right-click it to find the “Restart” option. Click this option, the printer may take a few seconds to restart the print queue. Now, restart the computer and printer to see if the problem is resolved.

Method 4: Enable The Option PnP Detection – Then Fix Brother Printer in Error State Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, please enable the earlier plug-and-play detection feature. If this is not a problem, restart your computer and perform the following actions before starting. Go to the Windows 10 search box and type device manager, or open the run box, type devmgmt.MSc and press Enter. Open the device manager. Click “Visible” at the top, and then turn on “Show Hidden Devices”. After that, find the Ports (COM and LPT) and configure them for configuration. Right-click the ECP printer port (LPT1) and open “Properties”. Next to the General tab, click Port Settings. …Click OK to save the changes. Now restart the printer to see if the error status problem is resolved.

Method 5: Just Update Your Brother Printer Drivers to The Latest Version!

There are two methods you can choose to update your Brother Printer drivers: one will be done automatically on your computer or manually by following the steps. This section tells you how to update the Brother Printer drivers automatically. In the Windows 10 run box, type devmgmt.MSc and tap OK. Now click on Device Manager and tap on “OK”. Select the “Show Hidden Devices” option and tap the “Print Queue” to display an expanded list. In the next step, right-click Brother Driver and then select the option for an updated driver. Select the option to automatically check for updated driver software so that the search starts automatically. Let Windows find the software, and then follow the instructions on the Screen page. And even after these steps above didn’t solve your problem and you still find a solution to my Brother printer which is in an error state, you can move on to the next step to continue with it.

Method 6: Now try to remove and then Reinstall the Brother Printer from your Computer!

The best way to resolve this error is to uninstall the entire printer and then reinstall it. The steps involved can be mentioned below. In Windows 10, open the “Settings” option, then select that option, and then navigate to “Devices.” Select the printer and scanner option, then select the Brother printer, and then under the printer name, click Remove Device. Click the option as ‘Yes’ to confirm that you wanted to delete the printer. To install a printer, you must enter the printer in the Windows 10 search field, and then click “Add Printers and Scanners” in the list. Select the “Select Printer” option, click the printer name, and then click “Add Device”. Wait a few minutes to install the printer on the device.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, by performing the above steps, you can check whether the error status of the Brother printer is cleared. Users who do not understand the above steps are welcome to contact the official support team. No matter when you are in the district, well-trained and qualified representatives will serve you wholeheartedly.

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