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Recreation and SportsSports

Boxing Rings and Accessories

Boxing Ring

Do you need a boxing rings for gym? Or you need it for a competition?
If yes then it must be important for you to have a ring with high quality. But don’t you need to
worry now.
Proboxing equipment is the perfect choice for all of your ring accessories needs. Owing to the 30 years of experience in manufacturing boxing accessories, we provide all kind of boxing rings such as floor rings, Cage rings, Pro Competition rings etc. Along with all their accessories Proboxing Equipment provides complete Boxing ring as well as individual ring accessories. From boxing bags, boxing gloves to all sorts of boxing ring accessories, we have them all. We provide a complete set of boxing ring or any individual accessory that you might need.
A complete set of boxing ring is manufactured using boxing ring canvas, boxing ring ropes, boxing ring cushions. So let us tell you how we prepare them all and how they turn into boxing rings when they are combined.
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Boxing Ring Accessories:

Boxing Ring canvas:

We at Proboxing equipment, prepare different types of canvas according to your needs. Our company use different type of material to make canvas for Boxing Ring, as different people use Ring for different needs. We use original cotton, polyester, PVS etc. to make these boxing ring canvas. So all you have to do is to just let us know which material you want us to use and we will act upon it. These canvas are also made of original grade canvas. So if you need customized Boxing canvas prepared with your choice of material, just let us know and we will never disappoint you.

Boxing Ring corner cushions

We produce multiple types of corner cushions i-e Corner cushions for classic, PVC, printed or double nose etc. These corner cushions covered with nylon in a set of 4Perfect 6″ x 6″ x 8″ x 48″ pad are made of high quality material to handle any boxing ring action. We make customized corner cushions so all you have to do is tell your choice and we will act upon it. Also if you want any logo or other design printed on the cushions, just let us know, we will make them for you.

Boxing Ring Ropes

Either you need ring ropes for a competition or for training purpose, pro boxing have them all prepared with finest high quality material along with boxing ring ropes cover tapes as well. So what are you waiting for? Let us know your boxing ring ropes need and also if you are looking for boxing ring ropes for a competition purpose of for your own gym, you surely will need a logo printed upon your ropes as well. For that purpose we provide high quality boxing ropes printed with your logo. IF you are looking to upgrade your recent ring ropes, just go for it, because choice is always yours. We provide boxing ring ropes covers to upgrade existing ring ropes.

Boxing Ring Ropes Separator

Safety while boxing is one of the most important things. So for safety purpose Pro boxing equipment introduced Boxing ring separators. These Ring separators are specifically designed for safety purpose to separate rings at a constant distance. The ring ropes separators are prepared with fast hook and loop fastening adjustment for 3-4 ropes of a boxing ring. These boxing ring ropes separator are available in different colors.

Turnbuckle covers

Pro boxing is providing all sorts of boxing ring accessories, so here we are with another ring accessory. We provide soft and simple turnbuckle (chain) cover. We mainly use two materials for turnbuckle production. Contact us for any of your boxing ring accessory need and leave the rest to us.

Boxing ring corner stools

When you need to use boxing ring for a competition on high level, you surely will also need a boxing ring corner stools. So keeping in mind the need of corner stool for boxing ring, we are providing that too. These boxing ring corner stools are made of powder coated steel and a padded PVC seat.

Other Boxing Rings & accessories

Pro boxing ring provides a complete set of boxing ring accessories including everything you will need for a complete set of boxing ring. So either if you want a new boxing ring prepared or you want to upgrade your boxing ring with some new accessories, just let us know what are you missing and what do you need, pro boxing equipment will surely provide you with that. Because we are always one step ahead when it comes to boxing ring accessories.
Proboxing equipment provides a wide range of all sorts of boxing equipment, these includes boxing bags, boxing gloves. And all other accessories that are needed for a boxing rings. We also prepare these accessories upon request of the customer. We use different high quality materials to prepare these accessories so that they can be used for long term. So if you have something different in your mind regarding material or design of the boxing
equipments, just let us know and we will never disappoint you. Proboxing equipment has always put their customers at first place and this is the reason we are one of the leaders in the industry now.
We never compromised on the quality of the product and we always listen to what our customers want from us and acted upon it accordingly because customer’s satisfaction is on the top of our priority list.

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