Best Tips for Getting Customized Cufflinks

Cufflinks are fashionable and using these is one of the best ways a person can express himself. The use of cufflinks dates long back to the 17th C. Cufflinks are smart accessories for men to secure the open ends of the shirt sleeves/cuffs. With changes in time and trends, men and women both use cufflinks these days, although the styles for both are different and are distinct in color and designs. The use of cufflinks is done as a style statement these days and is worn on casual as well as formal occasions. What if you could customize these beautiful small pieces of importance in dressing for your brand? Interesting, right? What if I told you that, it is possible to get customized cufflinks for your brand and you may not have to spend a bomb nor place huge orders, to begin with? Well, now that you have caught my attention let me tell you, how customization of cufflinks would help you build a strong and long-lasting impression for your employees or for building a corporate relationship branded cufflinks.

Cufflinks for brand building

Cufflinks can be worn anytime, therefore, they make an excellent accessory for corporate gifting and branding your product line if you are into manufacturing formal wear, such as formal shirts or suits. A good shirt or a suit with well-matched and branded cufflinks is definitely what people would love to have. While this, well-matched customized cufflink with other accessories such as a belt, necktie, or cravat, would make a perfect match for any formal dress. People like hassle-free dressing and if you provide them with a good combination of accessories to go with their dress, they will go for it as you would be saving plenty of their time which they would be spending coordinating the entire look.

How to customize cufflinks for power dressing

Choosing the type of cufflinks that suits the time and place is extremely important. Cufflinks are not a limitation these days thanks to the wide variety available for every occasion. Well, the best part is one can wear it the way they want, even if it doesn’t have to be a black or white tie, and one can wear it informally and formally with proper French cuffs too. Customization services will include customization of cufflink closures, basic material to be used as a base, Decorative ideas for the front of cufflinks, a good color palette to choose the right color combination for the cufflinks, cufflink material finishes, cufflink post options, Personalized cufflink design styles such as color, logo or other symbols of causes can be used on cufflinks as well.

Important points to remember about cufflinks

 Before you go ahead with customizing the cufflinks with your brand name, it might be helpful to know some basics about the cufflinks. The cufflink has six parts, and each part can be customized as per your liking. All the six parts of cufflinks are the Front face, Insert member, Cup member, Post, toggle, and free stud which allow free movement and secure the cufflinks with the buttonholes. The cufflinks must be easy and functional to wear, especially for office or if worn for formal meetings.  Avoid chain cufflinks for this, although they can be used for your high-end gifting purposes. Cufflinks can be made out of anything just like a piece of jewelry, they can be designed using one or more different materials such as glass, stone, leather, metal, and precious metals.

Different cufflinks for different occasions

Well, to be able to flaunt cufflinks one should be able to wear them correctly, therefore, while you are customizing them do note when the receiver would be wearing them. The widely used cufflinks are the basic ones with a formal single color, with light monochromatic color texture on them, as they are versatile and one can mix and match with almost every formal wear he chooses to wear. There are a variety of cufflink types to customize, namely, Toggle closure, which is the most commonly used type among others such as Fixed back, Whaleback, bullet back, Chain, Ball return, stud, and knotted cufflinks. 

Packing of cufflinks

Once all the time is spent in ordering a good design make sure you choose an equally good packing style too. A good packing of your customized cufflinks will keep them safe and well-protected while handling at different levels and many would prefer retaining the box to permanently store the exclusive gift. The cost of packaging will widely depend on the cost of the cufflinks you just customized with the company, as cheap packaging with an expensive cufflink would ruin the entire effort. The company offers three different packing ideas to choose from, and they called them, crafts, velvet boxes, and plastic boxes.

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