Best SEO Techniques 2021

A process that helps to improve a website in search engine ranking is referred as search engine optimization or SEO. Read this article full to know about the best SEO practices.

For best SEO techniques, it must include on-page optimization, searching keywords, backlinks in common. A lot of things are there which can be done to have higher rankings. But foremost, you need to have basics. You need to be aware of using one practice_ which is the foundation.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

SEO means a kind of strategy to increase your website search visibility for relevant searches in different search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing use bots to crawl pages on the web, from site to site, grouping data concerning those pages and showing them in an index. Next, algorithms analyze pages among the index, taking into account with several ranking factors.

SEO Is Not A Mystery!

Everyone knows that the internet is a game-changer for business and that is why they are will to pay search engine optimization companies obscene amounts of money to make sure that their pages are getting in front of eyeballs.

I have found that a lot of business owners think it requires a magic touch to get onto the first page of Google, and that the SEO professionals are magicians. But the truth is that search engine optimization is a simple art that can easily be mastered by learning a few simple things (that the SEO services companies don’t want you to know!)SEO Services

What This SEO Blog Will Share

A lot of professionals are not going to like me for this, but I am an internet marketer – not an SEO specialist.

What this means is that I make money from:

  • Running MY OWN Websites
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Talking about the best practices of SEO, let’s talk about some things that can be considered essential.


1_ Your article focused keyword should be your title keyword: 


There’s no surprise to have in mind that you must use your main keywords several times in your Content, but it also wises to know that your location place creates a difference. Mainly, it would help if you placed the main keyword at the site start.

Here comes a question that why is this important??

The answer to this question lies in the fact that Google weighs that higher than shows starting the Content. That’s why it’s brainy to put your keyword there on the top.


2_ Writing unique content:


The top famous SEO practices to keep in mind is to avoid duplicate Content. Indeed, Google states avoiding “duplicate or near-duplicate content on your website”. It applies to each Content, including;

_ Title tags

_Ecommerce product pages

_ Landing pages

_ Category pages

So basically, when you write any type of Content on your site, for example, 100% unique, free from plagiarism. Then your website has more chances of rank in the search engine. Note that if you operate a small blog mainly, then this rule can be followed easily.


3_ Powering SEO title:


Your title tag is key when it’s on-page SEO. Google recommends including pages that have more optimization. Well, you can get more from your pages’ title tag by following:

_By adding Main keywords

When you add main keywords, it’s called primary keywords.

You may have a question in your mind that why this is important??

Responding to this question, it must be said that Google ranks higher the word used in the title tag.

For that reason, you should do that. And Google gives more value to this act too.

_Go with a single title: Google is very much sure about it don’t allow to go with several keywords, called “keyword stuffing”.

_Writing compelling, shareable titles:

With compelling titles, it’s a very much high chance of people clicking because they find it attractive. And your title wants people to connect more.

Because when several people click on Google, your results would be there.


4_ Using internal linking:


Internal linking is one of the most accessible practices in SEO. You need to link from one page on your site to another page on your site. Probably, random internal linking is better than no internal linking at all.

Using keyword-rich anchor text, sending authority to pages that need it are some tips that I recommend to get most of the internal links. I hope this article will help you in finding the best SEO practices.


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