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Best Pc Spy Software for Parental Control

Pc spy software is also known as computer monitoring software. This is computer software to monitor all activities of windows secretly. Spy software can monitor and control the activities of your child in the background. Spy software performs its work invisibly to the targeted device. It works as a detective and parents can investigate the inappropriate activities of a child.

It allows accessing all activities of the targeted device remotely. Children use computer and internet for playing games, talk with other and so many other purposes. Even they access inappropriate websites and addicted the harmful sites. Parents are always concern about their children’s behavior and the activities which they performed. So they can monitor their children from their workplace and from everywhere with Pc spy software.

Why does pc need to monitor

With the advancement of technology, everyone uses the devices like computer, mobile for various purposes. With the development of technology and increase the usage of internet and computer system. It creates worries for parents to examine the children’s activities. Because parents want to know about their children’s what they are doing and which kind of activities they are involved.

Because children are grown up with electronic gadgets. They can think about their life without smartphones, pc, tablets etc. The advancement of technology means to increase the worried level of parents toward their children.

Break family rules

Digital devices break the family rules. Children spend a lot of their time in front of pc. And they do not obey their parents they prefer to play games and chat with others but not sit with their families to spend quality time.

Behavioral problem

Constantly using of pc devices can be the result of unexpected behavior of your child. Much spending time means a kid becomes more stubbing in his/her behavior.

Educational problem

Spending a lot of hours using pc it turns out the study interest of a child. And they didn’t perform well in their studies.

Inappropriate activities

While using pc a kid feels free and searches for inappropriate material which can damage the child future. Unethical chatting with someone strange. Visit the unwanted websites. Playing too much game.

Health problem

Technologies can harmful effects on the mental and physical health of a kid. If a child spends a half day in front of pc it means it can damage the healthy routine of a child and destroy the kid’s health.

Spy software for parental control

After we come to know that there is a lot of issues and dangerous effects of using pc and internet. It increase worries for parents to monitor the pc devices of their child to protect and safe from harmful effects. Because kids spend countless hours to use pc and they don’t feel the dangerous effects of computer. Children attract to new gadgets and feel fresh to spend a lot of time with computers.

Computer spy software

OgyMogy is an application that can remotely monitor your child’s activities without taking the gadget into your custody. The software is helpful in monitoring your child pc device. By spying on your child’s activities on the computer device, parents can protect from the harmful effects of technology.


Windows browsing history

Pc spy software can get the browsing history of targeted windows of your kids. Through this parents can easily monitor the browsing history.

Activity log

Parents can track and monitor all activities of targeted windows.

Surround recorder

Through the spy software, parents can record the surrounding voice/music of his/her child windows.

Windows remote access

The spy software is remotely get accessed toward the targeted computer system. Through this Parents can access their child’s activities remotely with pc spy software.

Network data

The pc spy software tracks the network data of the targeted computer.

Windows logging dashboard

The spying software can make it possible to log a targeted device dashboard.


The Pc spy software makes it possible to get the screen shots of targeted devices.

Screen recorder

The spying software is to get access to the record screen of the targeted pc.

Windows key logger

The software makes it possible to monitor the key logger of the targeted computer.

Window tracking location

Through the tracking application, you can also get to know the location of the window. Parents can know about the place where the child is using pc.

View installed application

The spy software makes it possible to know about the installed apps in the targeted pc.

Blocked websites

To check and get to know the blocked websites from the targeted computer. By the using of OgyMogy software.

Read Emails

Through Pc spy software, can easily read all emails of the target computer system.

Window software using timing

The software makes it possible to know about using the timing of the monitoring pc system.


When we come to realized that the harmful and dangerous effects of using a lot of computer devices and the internet. So there is a cure need to monitor your child’s activities through the monitoring software and aware all about your child. So the use of monitoring software is helpful to monitor your child’s activities with a computer and well informed of your child.


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