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Best Inbound Call Center In Lahore

Are you looking for the best inbound call centre in Lahore for your company? But before that, you need to learn everything to get the best agency. These details include hiring the best company, cost, and more. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

What Is An Inbound Call Center?

An inbound call center company is responsible for receiving incoming calls. When a customer calls, the call center picks up the call to help them with their queries and requests. Inbound call center best example is first level support provided on a telephone.

Types Of Inbound Calls

There Are Mainly 3 Types Of Inbound Call Categories. Let’s Discuss Them In Detail:

1- Customer service

This is when a current customer calls with a question or in case of any issue. They need help center services to fix their issues. These calls include customer feedback, over-the-phone payment, returns, updates to mailing addresses, questions about policies, and more. In most scenarios, these concerns are addressed electronically, and many call centers play the recording while customers are on hold, directing them to the applicable online resources.

2- Technical support

This is where customers call when something is not working fine on their ends. When a product is not functioning properly, customers tend to try to get their problem fixed. It can be a cell phone that is not receiving multimedia or a computer that doesn’t turn on. Technical support agents tend to hear from their customers and help them solve their issues. The technical staff needs to be patient and capable of dealing with the disgruntled nature of most of the calls. They must know how to fix their client’s issues while restoring brand loyalty and encouraging returning customers.

3- Inbound Sales

In some cases, the inbound call team can receive calls, not from the current customers but prospective buyers looking for the information. When this happens, it is called an inbound sales call. Your talented staff can capitalize on the opportunity. Tact and salesmanship are the important points here. Your call center agents need to be presenting and welcoming to turn the lead into a customer.

Many big enterprises have entire call centers devoted to inbound sales instead of combining different types of calls. When this happens, the center can be staffed specifically with sales in mind.

Why Are Inbound Call Centers Better?

Customer demands and requirements are increasing with time. Customers of this age expect flawless communication, immediate answers, and faster solutions to their problems. For many companies, that is not possible, and they need to provide inbound solutions to their customers. When your business can offer the best customer support, you will gain more customer trust and optimize the customer experience.

Services Offered By Inbound Call Center

Call centers do much more than just managing the phone lines. Today’s call centers are more advanced, and along with handling calls, they also handle emails, social media, live web chat, and text marketing. They aim to provide the best customer experience to the existing and new customers. The services offered by the inbound call center are as follows:

  • Message taking: Taking messages is important, and the right call center agency will always provide that service.
  • Call patching: The best call center offers call patching services as well. It means taking the message service and then forwarding the call to the relevant party.
  • Order taking: You can look for the call center agents who can take the orders as well.
  • Technical support: Inbound call centers offer technical support and help desk services.
  • Complaint handle: Inbound call centers handle complaints and work to retain customers if something goes wrong.

Inbound Vs. Outbound Call Centers – What You Should Choose?

You also need to choose if you need inbound or outbound call center services so that you can choose according to your business needs. Inbound calls, as mentioned earlier, are the type of call center where agents receive incoming calls from the customers. The support team typically monitors all the inbound centers as the callers are the existing customers who have queries or issues.

On the other hand, an outbound call center makes outgoing calls to the buyers. Sales teams typically run outbound centers to call the cold potential customers. Some companies also might make outbound calls to get surveys and do some research to get data.

Whether you choose inbound or outbound call help depends on what your team is struggling to handle. If your team is having a hard time following up the leads, an outbound serves you the best. But, if you can’t keep up with your customer service and tech support, then an inbound call center would be the best choice. So, always do your research before hiring a call center and support team.

Why choose BPOXperts?

Best call center services are vital for almost every type of business. Great customer services will not only increase your customers but also help with the existing ones. We have a skilled team of professionals with years of experience to provide the best call center services. Our team will work with your existing staff to take care of all your customers to solve business development and top-notch customer experience.

The quality of your support services determines the long-term and returning customers. Many companies might think that hiring a BPO or call center services is too costly, and they can’t afford the right resources, but that is just a myth. The truth is that hiring call center agents is not too costly. Besides that, the cost you spend on your call center services will result in a doubled profit every day.

We are the best call center in Lahore that offers quality and customer-focused services that complement your existing sales and retention processes.

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