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Best IEC 61850 Training Centres In USA

The common protocol derived by the International Electrotechnical Commission has been the interface for communication between Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).  The functioning of the plants scattered across a large area can communicate effectively using the devised protocol. Consequently, the operations of smart grid devices and equipment have been smooth and efficient.

The power generation, transmission and distribution sector mandates a constant and reliable communication set up. It would have been a complex scenario with different substations and associated devices adhering to unique protocols. The lethargic situation that necessitated continuous monitoring and human interferences have led to the research and development of the subject protocol. 

IEC 61850 course consists of topics from basic concept, operation, control, management, and security requirements. The best IEC 61850 training centres in the USA will educate the individual depending on the capacity and authority.

The IEC 61850 Courses

The IEC 61850 courses offered by the best training centres in the USA or any other part of the world will have three different syllabuses, i.e. from the employment perspectives.

IEC 61850 Executive  

The executive or manager of the smart grid systems may not need in-depth knowledge of the system. He or she must have a general idea as well as the info to guide the employees and manage the system efficiently. Therefore, the IEC 61850 course for Executive/ Manager will contain the portions defining the basic concept, planning, and management.

IEC 61850 Operator’s Course  

A smart grid or IED operator may not require an exhaustive idea about the internal operations of the device. The operator can be taught about the operation of the device and the actions to be undertaken in the case of an emergency. The IEC 61850 Operator course will have topics dealing with the basics of the system, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

IEC 61850 Engineer Training 

An engineer must know the detailed aspects of a technical system. The IEC 61850 engineer training program will cover comprehensive aspects including, functioning of the components, basic structure, theoretical info, operational concepts, maintenance requirements, data analysis and so on. The vast and exhaustive course will make the individual (the engineer) expert in the communication protocol. For him or her to handle any crisis, comply with the modifications, incorporate changes (if any) and other relevant necessities.   

Best IEC 61850 Training Centres in the USA

We have evaluated the IEC training centres in the USA and prepared the following list. The courses offered, the curriculum followed, the quality of education and the result produced have been considered whilst listing out the top 5 IEC 61850 training centres in the country.

ASE Systems

Applied Systems Engineering Inc. or ASE Systems is a part of Kalkitech, one of the pioneers in smart grid technology. They offer exclusive IEC 61850 training programs depending on the level of the individual. A thoughtfully formulated course program is the speciality of ASE.

Besides offering training, they are also the leading manufacturers of advanced cloud-based and remotely operated smart grid systems including Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), IED Protocol test equipment, DNP3 protocol test set, Substation Alarm Annunciators, Terminal Servers, Modems, and Source Code Libraries.

61850 University

The IEC 61850 university (neither a part of IEC nor endorsed by it) has been providing custom-tailored courses depending on the position of the individuals. They have IEC training programs based on the executive, engineer and operator points of view. By extending customized training methodology, they ensure that the person attains adequate knowledge to perform his or her duty.


By delving into the deep and wide factors concerning smart grid operations and remote systems, DNV provides advanced IEC 61850 training. One of the most reputed firms in the field, it has several elite clientele across the globe. The company has a team of handpicked professionals for guiding the students in the best possible way. DNV is undoubtedly one of the best IEC 61850 training centres.

Engineering Institute of Technology

Going forward with a strong and determined mission to render exemplary training, EIT became one of the most opted IEC 61850 training centres in the USA. The firm focuses on systematically developed online and offline courses. They have a team of professionals for planning and organizing the courses.


Helinks rose to the limelight through their dedicated efforts since inception. The company offers both IEC training programs and IED products. One of the top training centres in the USA you can opt.

A thorough and detailed training would be essential for performing according to the requirements. You may select the best IEC 61850 training centre in the USA for pursuing the subject course. 

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