Best Discount Broker for Option Selling

With the rise of discount brokers, it is often difficult to recognize the best discount brokers for option selling. The brokerage industry has also experienced massive interference.  This is because discount brokers offered cheaper brokerage plans which attracted many traders and investors compared to the expensive traditional brokers. This made many brokers migrate and start offering cheaper brokerage plans for traders.

Discount brokers are also becoming more popular every year and have now outnumbered full-service brokers. When choosing a broker as an options trader, it is important to check the broker’s margin for option selling, customer support, screening tools, and others.

What is option selling? 

Options are contracts between an option buyer and an option seller to purchase and sell shares at a particular price on or before a fixed date. The shares are often sold or purchased at predetermined numbers. Option selling is advanced and very complicated trading carried out by experienced traders. Here are the best discount brokers for option selling.


Zerodha is one of India’s biggest discount brokers and they have everything you need to trade as an options trader. They are the first discount broker to launch fixed brokerage charges and have more than ten lacs customers.

They also offer fixed intraday charges of twenty rupees per trade with a 35-40% NRML margin. Zerodha does not collect any brokerage on delivery which makes them a good option for options trading.

Their trading platforms are well equipped and contain many advanced charts and tools. Traders and investors are also allowed to link their Zerodha account with different tools which Zerodha partnered with. These tools include Small case, Sensible, and many more.

Zerodha also provides traders with excellent customer support. From the opening of your account to your trading journey which is often difficult to find in other discount brokers. This has made most traders make Zerodha their first choice.


Upstox is one of the fastest-growing discount brokers in India for options trading. The margins they offer are higher than their counterparts and also offer services in commodity, equity, and currency.

They provide option derivative data and have the largest active customer after Zerodha. Their equity delivery trades are free but they charge twenty rupees per executed trade for intraday trading on NSE, F&O, and others.

The Upstox trading account opening process is very fast and provides three in one account opening. This is possible because of their partnership with Induslnd Bank. Their Demat account is paperless and very fast.

You can also check option chains and derivatives through their mobile app for easy and convenient trading. They provide different trading platforms such as Developer Console, Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform, and others.

Angel broking

Angel Broking is one of the oldest and leading full-service brokerage firms in India with more than thirty years of brokerage experience. It operates in more than a hundred cities in India with more than one million customers. Angel Broking offers different brokerage plans which include premier, classic, elite, or preferred.

This allows the firm to compete with discount brokers such as Upstox, Zerodha, among others. Angel Broking does not charge for trading deliveries and other segments such as Commodities,  Intraday, and Currencies. The brand charges a fixed rate of twenty rupees and it is used for all segments and exchanges.

They provide their customers with great stock market recommendations and research reports on different companies. Angel Broking also gives market advisory with additional valuable trading tools and its account opening process is very fast. This makes it the cheapest and most sort after discount broker in the country.


5Paisa is very economical and considered the best stock broker firm in India for traders who want to pay low brokerage for trading. It was established by a financial services company in India known as India Infoline.

The company was launched to provide a lower brokerage platform for its customers and also to compete with other discount brokers.  Hence, they charge the lowest brokerage in the brokerage industry which have made it extremely popular and attractive to many valuable customers.

5Paisa  charges a brokerage of ten rupees no matter your lot size or turnover value. They provide different services with many trading platforms and free delivery trading. The services include Insurance, trading in currencies, trading in commodities, mutual funds, personal loans, trading in equity, and many more.

Their trading platforms include a trading mobile app, investor terminal web platforms, and others. 5Paisa maintenance charges are very low and they also provide stock market advisory and standard research reports.


As a trader, it is very important to always consider brokerage and the reputation of stockbrokers when trading over options. This is why you need to open an account with one of the top discount brokers in options trading.

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